Canadian Telecoms Have Apple’s iTV With Siri Hidden Away In Testing Labs [Rumor]


Apple iTV iMac hybrid concept

Canada’s two largest telecoms already have Apple’s rumored iTV in their testing labs, according to The Globe and Mail. Rogers and BCE have reportedly been “in talks” with Apple to become launch partners for the upcoming IP-based television.

The iTV will have Siri integration and users will be able to control programming with their voices or through hand gestures, according to the report.

“They’re not closed to doing it with one [company] or doing it with two,” said one source who is familiar with the talks. “They’re looking for a partner. They’re looking for someone with wireless and broadband capabilities.”

Another source, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Rogers and Bell already have the product in their labs.

All three companies declined comment.

While I find it hard to believe that Apple has given any such future product to a couple of Canadian telecoms, parts of The Globe and Mail’s report do make sense. We’ve been hearing from industry analysts that Apple has been buying up HDTV display panels to launch a standalone television with web integration this year. Many outlets have also suggested that Apple is planning to bring Siri to the living room.

Another interesting part of The Globe and Mail’s report:

Viewers can then control the TV by voice or hand gestures, all from the comfort of a couch. An on-screen keyboard, meanwhile, can also be activated in a similar manner, allowing viewers to surf the web, conduct video chats and use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook – all without any physical interface.

We have also heard of Apple working on a Microsoft Kinect-like interface for the iTV. An onscreen keyboard doesn’t sound like Apple, though. Our own Jeremy Toeman makes a strong argument that Apple will implement an AirPlay-like experience into its HDTV.

On Apple allowing Rogers and BCE to test the iTV in their own labs, I have two words: No. Way.

(via MacRumors)

  • Aj Tk427

    Hmmm, curious, not sure how to handle this rumor.
    1. The Globe and Mail is one of Canada’s top National Newspapers,but rumors are rumors
    2. Rogers and Bell are both national carriers for mobile, Internet and TV, if Apple deals up with them that’s pretty much all of Canada covered.
    3. However I’m still skeptical that anyone would know of such a product outside of Apple
    4. But…… They need the Teleco’s on their side

    Dammit!!!!!! Just tell us Apple!!!!!!!

  • vistarox

    Why wouldn’t they give the “iTV” to Canadian telcos. The Canadian tech market is one of the largest and most important markets. 

  • nthnm

    Really? Canada has a population of like 35 million, how are we one of the largest or most important markets?

  • nthnm

    I don’t think I’ll get this product. Love my Apple stuff, but unless this gets something to wow me, I’m just not impressed enough.

  • Gwilanne Carlos

    Yes, Rogers and Bell would have Canada covered and again like everything else we will pay thru the nose as there is no competition in Canada. Technology in Canada is a joke, we pay the highest technology rates in the world.  If Apple were smart they would figure out a way to do this without one Rogers or Bell, or Shaw for that matter and give them a run for the money.  However, it won’t happen because the Competition Bureau won’t allow it.

  • whatthepoop
  • vistarox

    You Canadians buy LOTS and LOTS of tech. Its the second most important market in the western world after the US.

  • welladriansays

    Canadian cable companies are vicious monopolies that prey on their customers. Rogers was just up in front of the CRTC over their throttling habits.

    The canadian companies throttle so that alternatives to their services look more attractive. – they mess with 3rd party VOIP and they mess with downloading or streaming shows, because they want you to buy your tv from them and use their internet phones.

    Noone has done more to spoil the online experience than these companies – why should apple want anything to do with them?

  • prof_peabody

    Rogers and Bell (and the american companies mentioned) are cell phone companies.  They have no access to broadband type speeds, no coverage, and no access or control of content.  How is it going to work that these guys are essential to the AppleTV?  Total BS report.  

  • prof_peabody

    Neither Rogers nor Bell has any coverage in Western Canada at all for TV, just phones.  Shaw is the only cable provider, and Telus is the only phone company that has land lines and broadband coverage.  

  • PlatformAgnostic

    Wow. Kinect-style hand hand and voice navigation. Sort of like what I have on my tv right now. With an Xbox and Kinect. Magic. Revolutionary.

  • Peter MacLeod

    Rogers and Bell are the two largest Internet providers here in Canada. What made you think they don’t have access to bradband speeds?

  • Al


  • DocT1

    Well, the eastern part of Canada has over 80% 0f the population with Ontario 45% of total population. Makes sense if you are to intagrate mobile and TV. 

  • prof_peabody

    they sure don’t in western canada.  They are phone companies with no broadband capabilities.  

  • Jamie Leveille

    Actually that’s not entirely factual.  Telus Satellite TV is owed and operated by Bell, uses Bell TV infrastructure and is simple repacked with Telus branding in Western Canada.  Please do your homework and get off your soap box.

  • Mark Garcia

     That’s because they only provide Internet in certain parts of the countries. For example, in Ontario, they offer Internet, Cable in addition to their phone services. However, companies like Shaw provide Internet in the western part of Canada.