Supercharge Siri On Your iPhone 4S With MyAssistant [Jailbreak]



We’ve seen plenty of jailbreak tweaks for enhancing Siri, but a new one called MyAssistant offers more features than any of its predecessors. Developed by Andrea Oliva and Saltb0x, MyAssistant is available for $0.99 in Cydia. You will need a jailbroken iPhone 4S or Siri-hacked iOS device to run MyAssistant.

With this new tweak you can tell your iPhone to reboot, lock, take a picture, get lyrics for a song, give you its battery percentage, and more. You can also customize the look of the Siri UI and create custom conversations with Apple’s digital assistant.

Like AssistantExtensions and other similar tweaks, MyAssistant lets you open any app on your iPhone with your voice. This option can be found at the bottom of the Command panel in the MyAssistant Settings under “Open apps.” You have 10 apps to open with a custom voice command, so you can set “Open Twitter” to open the Tweetbot app, for instance.

There are plenty of system toggles and commands that can be customized with MyAssistant, including the ability to toggle WiFi, brightness, volume, and Location Services. MyAssistant also uses Activator (a jailbreak app we’ve highlighted before) to let you perform other system-level events with Siri. The Custom Replies feature of MyAssistant lets you add up to 10 lines of custom Siri dialog Siri for kicks. You can also use photos from your device’s Camera Roll to customize Siri’s background as well.

If you already use other Siri tweaks that overlap with MyAssistant, like AssistantExtensions’ ability to open third-party apps, I recommend uninstalling them so as not to conflict with MyAssistant. I couldn’t get the Custom Replies feature in MyAssistant to work quite right, but the tweak is a work in progress that will hopefully be improved with future updates. In the meantime, let us all know what you think of MyAssistant in the comments!

  • BrandonSLM

    Not seeing it in cydia, do you need to enter in a source?

  • Matt Campbell

    Does this work with Spire?

  • Matt Campbell

    Does this work with Spire??

  • Matt Campbell

    Does this work with Spire??

  • Clark Wallace

    Search MyAssistant, it’s in the Big Boss repo.

  • Clark Wallace


  • BrianWards

    If u r big fan of iOS, just get the iphone 4s, as we would never know when the iphone5 comes out. it is really hard to tell.

  • Diego Goldberg

    Bought it. Unfortunately.

  • sunehrigal

    What would be crazy is that MyAssistant was a fake app that looked like MySiri and was released a couple of days before MySiri to trick people into wasting their money. It’s just suspicious that the app doesn’t work at all.

  • Kristopher Garner

    Complete waste of money! Nothing works.

  • tmadel

    Installed it and now Siri doesn’t work at all. Disappointing.

  • tmadel

    Did you actually try this before posting. It plain doesn’t work. How can you promote something that is nonfunctional? WTF