This Gorgeous iWatch Concept Is Part Dick Tracy, Part Blade Runner [Gallery]



ADR Studios is the Italian design company behind the iPhone SJ, a sultry concept design for the iPhone 5 featuring an edge-to-edge capacitive touchscreen, 10 megapixel camera, A6 processor, and a polycarbonate body that’s about as light as you can imagine.

It’s a design that’s not realistically going to happen, but we’ve been a little obsessed with it for the last month or so. We feel similarly about ADR’s new iWatch2 concept: Apple’s never going to make a device that was so exclusively and unapologetically a wristwatch, but if they did, man, I wish it would look like this.

According to ADR, the iWatch2 would come stock with Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth, 32GB of internal storage, a FaceTime camera and various widgets for RSS and weather. Like the iPhone SJ, the iWatch2 would be made out of polycarbonate, aluminum, Kevlar and PK2, so it’d pretty much be indestructible.

The real secret magic, however, is the way the iWatch2 could pair with the iPhone in your pocket to piggy back on your cell carrier’s network. Instead of making a call by pulling your phone out of your pocket, you could just glance at your watch face and decide whether to answer on your iWatch’s speakerphone or ignore. Kind of like a Dick Tracy Blade Runner.

I don’t foresee Apple releasing a proper wristwatch when they can just update the iPod nano and sell people a band for it. But maybe they should: who wouldn’t want an Apple-branded watch this sleek on their wrist, short of hoary old horologists and fetishistic steampunks?

[via MacMagazine]

  • James Padilla

    Damn you, why must you toy with us!  That would be the icing on the cake.  Love it.

  • Alexander Wener

    Great! That’s what I’m missing!!!!

  • PrintingDude

    No need to mention that you’ll need to haul one of those small pieces of carry-on luggage (the kind on wheels with a handle) to give you the battery life and reception you demand for such a thing :-)

  • Njideka Okafor

    And that data crunching processor…..hummmm! And 32GB Memory on an in built speaker or is it a Bluetooth headphone set? Idea for sports thou but real issues to deal with first.

  • travisb238

    I like the idea, but find this concept extremely ugly.

  • LoopAttachment

    For those who are interested in a low profile stylish nano watchband, we encourage you to check out our product, the Loop Nano! Check it out:

  • Adrian Escobedo

    They already have that. It is called the iPod Nano with the watchband:

  • mamafanfan


  • Sergio Carlos Bahamondes

    Apple product design guidelines will not budge for the form of this design.

  • TFWP

    Make it a Scuba Diving watch and I’m all in.

  • Michael J

    Where’s the ugly part? This baby looks sleek and I’d get one.I don’t know of any other watch with these features that look this compact in design and looks like something literally out of a scifi movie.

  • Michael Fulcher

    Sure, a watch you have to charge every few hours. I’ll keep my G-Shock and my HTC.