Don’t Have Siri? Try Evi


  • tys0ns

    Hopefully with some viable competition Apple might up the game a little. So far Siri is somewhat half-baked, especially for those of us outside of the US. Siri has an entire world of potential. We’re just waiting for something to happen! That said though, hopefully Apple doesn’t try and remove Evi from the app store for any stupid reason.

  • Declan Tyrrell

    I down loaded the App about an hour ago and all I am getting is Server Busy when I ask a question. I am wondering if this has anything to do with me been in Ireland and using an iPhone 4.

  • Ollides

    The servers are being overrun by the demand at the moment. Either that or an annoying bug. Either way, I would imagine it will be fixed soon. 

  • Jay Yanesh

    “Find the nearest Mexican.” lol Any Home Depot parking lot in LA.

  • Clark Wallace

    Works awesome for me on my 4S, my girlfriend said she’ll use this on her 4.

  • 33VA

    Keep in mind Siri is still in Beta. It’s still very new technology, and is being worked onas we speak. I must agree it’s not the most amazing feature (yet) but I have a feeling Apple’s going to dump millions into Siri and we will eventually see the kickass Siri that we’ve all been waiting for

  • ddevito

    What is this, a 3rd party knock-off from Android?  :p

  • ddevito

    that was disgustingly racist. You’re a fuck1ng piece of sh1t  

  • Ifan Morgan

    Does Evi know places outside the US ?

  • Ifan Morgan

    Not amazing ?? It’s by far and away the most accurate voice recognition I have ever seen….we’re not at “Zen, where’s Servalan ?” level yet but not far off……

  • Clark Wallace

    Yeah it does, I’m in Scotland and it works awesome!

  • MorbillivirusRubeola

    Or playing for Manchester United, or flying to space in the shuttle, or inventing color television, or doing way better than you, you prick.

  • Christopher Jones

    Receives terrible ratings from user at the Apple app store. 

  • Neil Roach

    All I get is ‘I’m getting my thoughts together’. It does however recognise my strong Welsh accent perfectly lol.

  • Ross Lewis

    Uff JEsus fed up of these Siri spoofs, check out myBantu- Free Siri for Android, works much better than these crap spoofs

  • Ross Lewis

    err myBAntu works much better than this :/

  • drcoolj

    It’s not working for me either, i also keep getting Server Busy when I ask a question

  • Ed Moriarity

    It does not work. Servers are busy is the only thing it responds with. Or it provides nonsense in response. Great idea, just a waste of money at this point. The developer should respond to customers and provide an explanation and fix the bugs.  

  • BMWTwisty

    Evi is a cyclops!  Eeeeewwwww….

  • Aaron

    Dragon Go works MUCH better than this.

  • shyju_proxy p

    Evi shows a lot of promise but at the moment it is not performing. For an alternative that works on the same knowledge base as Evi, try out ‘Voice Ask’, which has been available for some time and is constantly being improved. See

    See also ‘Voice Ask’, an app that offers a Siri alternative on the same basis as Evi. It also works on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device. See

    Evi is following in the footsteps of ‘Voice Ask’, which has been in the store for some time and has outgrown some of the initial issues that are now plaguing Evi. Check out