Jailbreaking Your iPhone Or iPad? Here Are 10 Of The Best Cydia Apps To Try First [Jailbreak]



The latest jailbreak is officially out, but now that your device is nice and jailbroken, what are you supposed to do with it? What are the must-have jailbreak apps and tweaks you should download first?

In many ways, some of the most innovative and daring development work is happening on Cydia these days, so if you’re new to jailbreaking, we envy the discovery you have to come. Here’s our list of some of the best jailbreak apps and tweaks.

SBSettings – Free

It might take a little while for SBSettings to grow on you. At first blush, it doesn’t seem to do much but act as a little mini-dock for your most commonly used iOS settings. SBSettings quickly becomes indispensable, though, as turning on/off 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi and more become just a swipe and tap away… and with iOS 5 Notification support, 2011 was the best year for SBSettings yet.

MyWi – $19.99

MyWi may seem expensive, but if you want to tether your iPhone or iPad, it sure beats the $20+ a month your carrier wants to charge you to turn on the same functionality. MyWi’s just a hell of an app, allowing you to tether your iPhone or iPad via USB cable to your computer to access the Internet, or even set it up as a mobile WiFi router. Personally, though, what has always impressed me most is the battery life: I’ve used MyWi all day to work in the past without my iPad crapping out on me.

iFile – Free

iFile doesn’t do anything exotic. It’s the equivalent of Finder for your iPhone. But given the iPhone’s closed off architecture, that’s pretty amazing… and doubly so when you add the ability to navigate around, view different types of files, compress zip packages, bookmark folders, attach files to emails and more. Heck, iFile even has its own built-in web server, allowing you to theoretically host a website from your iPhone!

Lockinfo – $7.99

Lockinfo is conceptually similar to IntelliscreenX, giving you quick view access to new emails, upcoming calendar events, unread SMS messages and much more on your lockscreen. A variety of themes and plugins allow you to customize Lockinfo, but while IntelliscreenX almost operates as a springboard in its own right, Lockinfo is comfortable with simply being a dashboard for your iOS experience… not a launchpad for it.

Barrel – $2.99

Barrel’s a gorgeous little Cydia tweak that allows you to change the way iOS animates transitions between home screen pages. If you’ve ever seen Compiz on Linux or some Quicksilver themes, you have a good idea of how attractive this presentation can be, and over the last year, Barrel has consistently updated to add an increasing number of transition options, each more inventive than the last.

Springotomize 2 – $2.99

It’s truly astonishing how much functionality the developers packed into Springotomize 2. Think of it as a swiss army knife for tweaking every possible aspect of your iPhone or iPad, from animations to the way the dock works, from the lockscreen to the way icons are displayed. Springotomize 2 is the iOS 5 version, but if you’re still running iOS 4, Springotomize will do the same thing.

Dreamboard – Free

Dreamboard allows you to change every aspect of iOS’s default look the way you want it to, so if you have any interest in theming your jailbroken iDevice, you need this. It’s how OS X Ultimatum manages its impressive transformation. If you want your iPhone to look like Windows Phone 7, or your iPad to look like a Honeycomb tablet, you’ll need to get Dreamboard.

OS X Ultimatum – Free

OS X Ultimatum does something true Mac fans have been clamoring for ever since the first iPhone was announced: turns iOS into OS X. What do you get? What don’t you get? Fully usable Finder menus, stacks, launchpad, a scrollable dock, draggable windows, mission control, dashboard, and a customizable lock screen, for starters. This is the iOS theme that the Cult of Mac loves above all others.

BiteSMS – Free

BiteSMS is the Messaging app on steroids. It gives you tons of extra features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Delivery Reports, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures and much more. And if that doesn’t do anything for you, well, you can even use BiteSMS to save money on your texting bill by buying credits from them allowing you to send texts for just $0.12 apiece.

IntelliscreenX – $9.99

IntelliscreenX turns your iPhone or iPad’s “Slide To Unlock” screen into a Mission Control panel, allowing you to see at a glance everything you can possibly imagine without actually unlocking your phone: calendar, email, text messages, Twitter, Facebook, weather and more. You can even do things like read and delete your emails, or send out tweets, from IntelliscreenX, without ever unlocking your device. Highly recommended.

These obviously aren’t the only jailbreak apps and tweaks worth having, and in many ways, this list is out of date: we originally compiled it at the end of last year as part of our Best of 2011 awards. We have other roundups for the iPhone 4S and iPad.

In the meantime, got an app or tweak we missed? Tell us about it in the comments and help clue in your fellow jailbreakers to some of the best work that the App Store blackmarket has to offer.

  • gacbmmml

    Great list. Found a few new gems in there I wasn’t aware of before.

    I use Google Voice, so I found the Google Voice SMS integrator jailbreak is ideal as it integrates Google Voice into the Messenger.app – both sending and receiving.

    I also really enjoy the “Pull to Refresh” jailbreaks for Mail and Safari. It just seems so natural, it’s a wonder Apple hasn’t built in that functionality yet.


  • alejandrot4893

    i thought ifile costs money

  • Kevin Cramer

    The 3G switch is back (and working) on the iPhone 4s thanks to SBsettings!

  • Cole Taylor

    Killbackground is great, kill all apps at once, not one at a time.
    Labelslide, change the label on your unlock slider
    NoSpot, kill spotlight if you don’t like it
    double @ – allows you to double tap the @twitter-76759476:disqus  key for your email address
    unlimtones – 1000’s of free ringtones for iphone

    the best part of cydia is the Tweaks section.  

    check it out.

  • Cole Taylor

    Copic is a great way to get contact pictures on everything that uses contact info.
    screen shot dam – blocks screen shots from photostream
    five icon dock, more icons in your phone dock.

  • Eder Sala

    what theme is being used in the springtomize2 photos?

  • Phil

    All these JailBreak posts… you should make a CultOfJailBrokeniPhone

  • Aj Tk427

    OMG, why have I only just heard about double  @!!!!!!
    This should be something that is built into iOS, or something similar. I hate, HATE, typing in my email address.

  • Matt Ward

    I remember when you jailbroke to have fun not spend money in another store with zero accountability. Mywi 20 bucks.. lol no thanks. No reason to jailbreak these days. Get an android phone and install CyanogenMod. Way more fun.

  • Buster


  • BouchardAnthony

    The application is called, “Springtomize” not, “Springotomize.”

  • Eric Barbosa

    MyWi doesnt seem to be working on my Verizon i4S or ATT iPad2 :(

  • Phil

    Make sure you say “Thanks Phil for the idea” on the website! :D

  • Luis Dominguez

    you could actually set a shortcut for your keyboard in ios 5.  I have it when I hit @@ it puts it in for me.  

  • Aj Tk427

    You just made my day :)

  • Luis Dominguez

    no problem tk

  • Shaun Singh

    I would like to know what theme that is also!! Looks really cool

  • Mace Francis

    How can I get the lockinfo as shown there in the pic? it’s so slick.

  • Myles Kaye

    Horrible, horrible, horrible!

  • Mystakill

    Which SBSettings theme is that?  I wish there was an easier/faster way to browse through the Cydia app store.  I don’t mind the ads, but do they really need to make us go through 2-3 screens just to view screenshots when they can show it all one one screen?

  • walk0080

    I think it is the htcclockplugin:

  • gacbmmml

    Guess you haven’t heard of the Insanelyi repo…

  • Brent Johnson

    I too would love to know what theme is shown in the SB Settings screenshot.

  • mel m

    The theme is called Semino WIP. I searched everywhere for it until I found it. It looks really nice 

  • Ryan Smirnow

    OS X ultimatum isn’t free like it states

  • Mark Ian Capulong

    Hi, anybody knows the name of the font in the Barrel and SBsettings theme?

  • Mark Ackermann

    Well, Mr. Brownlee, this would be a great list if Abisinthe was actually working today.  Are any CoM writers/editors going to comment on their own experience with it?

  • silentwill

    Taken note of these apps. I have to wait till I get home to be able to jailbreak.

  • Barton Lynch

    Not worth jailbreaking for me. I  will stay pure.

    Who knows what they’ll come up wiith in iOS 6. Jailbreaking is becoming less and less attractive at every update.
  • Bobby Scruggs

    why isn’t SBSettings working on my iPhone 4s? it won’t download it?

  • TristanWolfe

    The theme in the Springtomize 2 photo is ‘Prestige HD’.

  • Max Keetman

    I would love to know where you/they found OS X Ultimatum for free. Because I can only find the paid version in the Theme Outlet

  • Stevo0318

    does anyone know what the theme name is for the windows theme in the dreamboard picture????

  • Smith Paul

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