Force Quit Frozen Apps On Your iPad Or iPhone In Two Easy Steps [How-To]



It happens to us all: frozen app. Yes, frozen app, the frustrating condition that causes your iPhone or iPad to suddenly seize up, forcing you to do a full restart because even your home button has stopped working.

Now while the causes of frozen app are varied, you can remedy its foul presence in two easy steps.

Here’s how:

    • Press and hold the power button on the top right corner of your iPhone or iPad until you see the shutdown screen. All iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad power buttons are on the upper right corner (if you’re facing the screen).

Ipad press power

    • Now you should be seeing the shutdown screen below. Next step is to press and hold the home button. Keep holding it until frozen app closes and you see your home screen.

Ipad press hold

Voila! Your app is now closed, feel free to go about your business.

  • ddevito

    Wait a minute – I thought iOS (and its pretty apps) was flawless…

  • Millard Fillmore


  • prof_peabody

    Aside from the fact that this very sad “tip” is something that every iOS device owner already knows and is more like a basic feature than some kind of hidden function … 

    I have *never* had an app freeze any iOS device to the point where “the home button doesn’t even work.”  I’ve never met anyone who had this problem either and I’m the person who fixes the iPhones for everyone in my department (400 people or more).  

    I just flat out don’t believe the entire premise here. 

    Boring, sad, fake.  Why even print this? 

  • ddevito

    You mean to tell me iOS doesn’t manage memory well enough to kill a runaway app? Wow. I thought Apple said it’s the most advanced mobile OS ever. What a bummer.

    Too bad iOS users can’t experience a more advanced OS.

  • m0rgan23


  • ddevito


  • rockinrors

    Get over yourself, dickwad.

  • tMyers327

    oh check it out the troll is back hah

  • ddevito

    Actually I never left. :)

  • John Ramirez

    i cant remember the last time an app froze on me, but this is good info to have, thanks.

  • Clark Wallace

    Cult of Fandroid’s this way >

  • tMyers327

    pretty sad an Android developer spends his time trolling on apple blogs

  • joewaylo

    It’s not easy for your OS I hear. You have to install an app, visit the app, then force quit noncore apps that have previously ran in the background. Force quit a core app like a system file, you’re screwed until you reboot your phone.

  • ddevito

    Android does it all automatically. The steps you indicate or manual which are no longer needed in 4.0 because it’s been revamped and improved.

  • ddevito

    Spreading the truth.

  • joewaylo

    Another method:
    * go to home
    * double tap the home button
    * then hold an app
    * force quit all the apps you don’t need to resume.

    If you have several dozen apps that have ran which preside in your background, this can eat lots of memory. Install an app such as Memory Doctor and you can see how much Memory is used on an previously active applications.

  • “fanbois”

    Truth or troll, you’re still a very sad person.

  • Jeff Bradley

    Good thing all Android devices can run 4.0 then.

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  • Guest

    Yea, this is the first time I have ever heard this tip. I doubt the extreme majority of iOS users know of this.

    Ha said, the home button always works for me too. Just hit it, then go back to the app, which will usually start back up.

  • tMyers327

    if you were actually bringing valid arguments and open to opinions i would actually take your opinion into consideration but the fact of the matter is every single one of your posts (this topic and other topics) are just biased and meant to bash apple.  You really blow your credibility with your posts. I’m not such a fanboy as you to say sure iOS isn’t perfect, hints why i’m jailbroken, but to say that Android is the best at everything and has done everything and has innovated everything is just complete fiction.

  • georgeh2000
  • robroberts2009

    ddevito — are you desperate or lonely for attention? why hate on apple users for dealing with the occasional crash on their device? from what I have heard and experienced, Android devices crash constantly. A crash on an Apple device is fairly rare.  Anyways, I advise you to get a life or think about other things besides whose platform is the most advanced — there are far more important things in life. 

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Bro, this shit happens all of the time on Android. Why the fuck would you try and say something about iOS?

  • ericschultheiss

    “All iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad power buttons are on the upper right corner (if you’re facing the screen).”

    You’re an idiot! On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation iPod touch, the power button is on the left.  It’s only the 4th generation where it’s on the right.  But you said ALL iPod touch.  Do some research and don’t be so stupid!

  • erfon elijah

    ouch, you got me eric.  i apologize to you and all our readers for being a worthless scum bag.

  • erfon elijah

    yeah i have to agree, most people i’ve told this tip to have never heard it which is why i thought it would be good for our readers to know.  

    a lot of these kinds of tips seem like common knowledge, but often they’re new info to many people.

  • DaBeast4287

    Doesnt work my power button wont work either. What should I do?

  • I have encountered several troubles like this before, but what I only did is restarting my gadget and luckily it turned back to its normal system of the programs. Some other ways, you can still used the manuals and guides regarding same problems like this.

  • Chris van den Heuvel

    thanks very much, i did what you show here and it works perfect. So again, thanks.

  • Steve James

    apple sucks dik linux 4 lyfe