iPhone SJ Concept Is Brought To Life In This Awesome Promo Video


Remember that stunning iPhone designed by Antonio De Rosa that we brought you last week? It’s called the iPhone SJ and it’s a tribute to Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs. It looked pretty great in the photos we published, but it looks even more awesome when brought to life in this new video.

De Rosa’s ADR Studio has turned his concept designs into a fancy promotional video, which does a terrific job of highlighting the device’s best features, such as that super slim shell and beautiful edge-to-edge display.

Isn’t it a shame this device will never see the light of day?

[via iDownloadBlog]

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13 responses to “iPhone SJ Concept Is Brought To Life In This Awesome Promo Video”

  1. ivucica says:

    I can’t really see the speaker on top of the device. It might be just me, though.

  2. BoredOfThinkingUpAUsername says:

    Jony Ive just threw up in his mouth a bit

  3. Clark Wallace says:

    it’z a fake, it does no exist!!!!1

  4. gunnerrob says:

    Thanks for the update, I can sleep easy now.

  5. crateish says:

    The square volume buttons is the most glaring mistake to me. Jony wouldn’t do that.

  6. volodoscope says:

    yes we all saw a notice before the video started, thanks

  7. TechTeich says:

    Looks like a squished iPhone 4 with an apple logo on the front. JUST SAY NO.

  8. Clark Wallace says:

    om nom nom keep feed teh troll heheh ;D

    I posted my first comment intentionally to see if anybody was silly enough to get trolled.

  9. Clark Wallace says:

    You sir, got trolled.

  10. Puttapong Tapaonoi says:


  11. Theyseeyoutrollin says:

    Why have they put an Apple logo on the front? THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS.

  12. Michael Von Verrenkamp says:

    I can see many many MANY design flaws with this thing, needs work.

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