Wired Doesn’t Think Cult of Mac Can Beat Them To 3000 Instagram Followers. Help Us Out!




We started an Instagram account a few days ago and have had a blast posting pics of what life at Cult of Mac looks like. Interacting with readers in this new way has been one of the funnest projects we’ve started. Wired.com had the same idea as us a few days ago but we’ve already amassed more followers than them. We threw down the gauntlet to them last night to see who can get to 3000 followers first and they’ve haughtily accepted. We need your help to kick their ass.

If you haven’t started following us on Instagram we’d love for you to open up your app right now, search for “cultofmac” and follow us.

What will you get from following us on Instagram? Here’s some samples of our awesome feed –


Behind the scenes at keynotes

Silly Android Fans

Party Photos (some of these are even from Wired’s own company party that we crashed)

Hazing of Microsoft and other companies


We need all the help we can get. Wired is an incredible site and they have nearly 1.2 million Twitter followers which dwarfs our 186k followers, but we know we have the best fans, so join the fight and let’s show them the ferocious power of Cult of Mac.

  • Geoff Bagga

    I will follow you if you get rid of the whats happening on cult of android posts… spam…. or at least turn the comments on.

  • iDaBoss

    not a chance

  • charlie edwards

    So what you’re saying is to unfollow Wired and continue to follow CoM?

  • rjove696

    CoM is at 1990 as of this post!

  • Buster

    Only if that’s what your heart tells you to do. We like the Wired team a lot and wish them no ill will.

  • saadbaig

    1996 is me

  • Adam Peariso

    Out of spite for posting “Cult Of Android” news on your Mac site I’m going to follow and promote Wired instead. 

  • Chong Lip Min

    Just stop posting Android news here! It used to be a clean site.. So sad..

  • BalbiManuel

    I’m in your screenshot!

  • Stephen Kirby

    Hope your photography improves. One can only stomach so much of this Lomo-like stuff.

  • Lawrence Quintana

    Your there for us We are here for you

  • Lawrence Quintana


  • Lawrence Quintana

    this is fair criticism but I consider this a low blow for us cultofmac

  • Geoff Bagga

    Ok added, in all honesty you guys would likely do much better creating a link to cult of android at the bottom of the site, something like the logo, so for those interested can quickly jump over rather then annoying those who come to COM for the quality mac news. 

  • Alex

    I’m still trying to figure what the appeal of Instagram is.. 

  • Anthony M Perez

    I follow Wired because, at least THEY use a spellcheck/proofreader.

    Case in point: “What will get from following us on Instagram?” Do you people even READ what you write?

    Also, if you guys/gals stop bashing other companies and actually focus on Apple-related items, it’d be a better web site… Just thinking…

    Plus the addition of “Cult of Android”… really??

  • Al

    It’s way to take a perfectly unremarkable photo and wash the colour out and make it a bit grainy, enabling the user to fancy themselves as some sort of urban hipster.

    At least that’s what I can tell.

  • andya41

    Me too.  It is the punishment for that stupid Cult of Android junk and cutting off comments.  We are not Lemmings!

  • Jonathon Wilson

    Who cares? The photos don’t get automatically interesting when you put a filter over it. This post is one of many where you really have to wade through a lot of crap to find anything interesting and when you do it’s mostly badly written or has facts wrong.

    The Nokia picture isn’t even in focus.

  • hunter moss