Follow Cult Of Mac On Instagram For A Behind The Scenes Look At CES [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – Yes, it’s true, we’ve joined the masses on Instagram in order to give you more behind the scenes photos of what life is like for the Cult of Mac staff as they pound the streets of Vegas in search of gadgets galore. The team is currently rockin’ the party at CES, and we’ll be sending all our cute little followers photos from the showroom floor and behind the scenes looks at what goes into covering an event like CES. It’ll be like you’re here with us, even though you’re totally not but we wish you were. If you don’t already have Instagram, go download the app right now and add @CultofMac.

And if you’re hungry for even more info, here’s who’ll be on the ground, along with their Twitter handles. Follow us for on-the-floor updates, or if you’re at CES and see one of us, make sure to say hi.

• Leander Kahney, Editor (Twitter: @lkahney)

• John Brownlee, News Editor (Twitter: @drcrypt)

• Eli Milchman, Reviews Editor (Twitter: @elimilchman)

• Buster Heine, Community Manager (Twitter: @bst3r)

• Erfon Elijah, Reporter (Twitter: @erfon)

• Traci Dauphin, Gallery Editor

Also, make sure to be following Cult of Mac’s official Twitter account at @cultofmac for exclusive news, first looks, notes from the showfloors and even giveaways next week, all in real time. You’ll be glad you did.