Apple’s iMac Sales Are A Third Of All-in-One PCs Sold


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Despite being overshadowed by the MacBook and other mobile devices, Apple’s venerable iMac accounts for nearly a third of the 14.5 million all-in-one desktop computers sold in 2010. The strength of iMac demand put Apple ahead of Lenovo and HP, expecting to unveil two new desktop computers at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The iMac comprised 32.9 percent of the total all-in-one units sold in 2010, according to DisplaySearch and Bloomberg. That’s an impressive number, given that mobile Macs, such as the MacBook Air, accounted for 74 percent of Apple’s computer sales.By comparison, Lenovo sold just fewer than the figure while HP took third place with 21.4 percent of the market.

Amid a backdrop of desktop computer sales increasing 39 percent in 2010, the research firm predicts demand for all-in-one devices will hit 23.3 million units by 2014. With such growth, companies are making adjustments. Although Apple is expected to unveil new CPUs for the desktop Mac Pro, the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant may also decide to shelve the device, putting resources into other projects. HP is also expected to use the upcoming CES to introduce the all-in-one HP Omni for $1,200 and the slightly less expensive $1,150 HPE h9 Phoenix aimed at gamers.

The Palo Alto, Calif. company took note of what it said was “a flood of portable technology,” apparently a knock on the overwhelming attention paid to the iPad, iPhone and tablet sector. As you will recall, HP withdrew somewhat after being stung by consumer disinterest in the company’s TouchPad tablet.

Just how long the iMac can retain its top spot in desktop sales is uncertain. In December, researchers at DigiTimes said the iMac this year will lose market share to Lenovo, now the No. 2 seller of A-I-O units. Apple’s share of the desktop group will fall to 24 percent on 3.8 million iMacs sold in 2012, according to the industry publication. Lenovo will ship 4 million all-in-one units, putting it in first place.

“Although Apple’s iMac series has advantages in industrial design, the product series has shown only limited room for change in specifications,” according to DigiTimes. “However, HP and Lenovo have delivered above-the-standard industrial design in their products, while offering better hardware specifications, price and a variety of choices,” the researchers add.

Apple is expected to spruce up the iMac this year with the 22-nanometer Ivy Bridge platform from Intel, along with improved graphics and more.

  • AppleKilledMobileFlash

    Pretty good, except that Wall Street’s consensus is that Apple has no future growth potential and that iMacs will be commoditized by much cheaper Windows-running HP and Asus all-in-one computers.  In fact, supposedly every product that Apple makes is going to be commoditized by every other tech company on the planet and that Apple will no longer be able to stay in business.  In other words, no matter how many devices Apple sells today, tomorrow no consumers will be buying Apple products and that’s why Apple is always claimed to be doomed.  Get ready for an iMac firesale tomorrow.

  • Mark Webster

    In 2010? Or 2011?

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