The iMac Will Soon Lose The Title Of Best Selling All-In-One PC In The World.. Say What?


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Photo/xmarksmyhands -

It had to happen: Apple’s workhorse, the iMac, is expected to relinquish its title as best-selling all-in-one computer in 2012. What with its success in smartphones, tablets and notebooks, Apple appears ready to throw the PC industry a bone — a very limited one, however.

After being the world’s most popular and best-selling all-in-one system, the iMac’s market share will drop to 24 percent in 2012, down from 27 percent currently, according to DigiTimes Research. Apple will ship 3.8 million iMacs next year, compared to 4 million for Lenovo. The Asian giant has become a huge consumer of all-in-one computer systems.

“Although Apple’s iMac series has advantages in industrial design, the product series has shown only limited room for change in specifications,” according to DigiTimes. “However, HP and Lenovo have delivered above-the-standard industrial design in their products, while offering better hardware specifications, price and a variety of choices,” the researchers add.

Despite the loss of overall marketshare, the iMac remains strong in the U.S. and Europe, where HP lacks stability. It’s unknown how an expected 2012 iMac refresh will impact today’s research. The update is expected to include a 22-nanometer Ivy Bridge platform, better graphics, and more.

For longtime Apple fans, the iMac is a nostalgic connection to the past. However, the introduction of the iPad as well as the growth of the MacBook Air removed a large portion of the iMac’s daily use. I’ll hang on to mine, given it has become like an old pickup – the internal CD drive no longer works, the screen has a few dead spots, but it still is a perfect fit.

What’s so weird about this report is when was the last time you even saw a Lenovo all-in-one PC? The iMac’s everywhere, and it constantly pops up on television, whereas I couldn’t even really tell you what a Lenovo all-in-one PC looked like off the top of my head. I don’t doubt it’s going to outsell the iMac, but for all of that, it has zero brand recognition.

  • chano

    Dear ‘veteran technology journalist’:

    ‘It had to happen …?

    Is it 2012 already?
    Are Ive/Cook sitting on their hands?
    Might the next iMac with early iTV come riding over the horizon to save the day? Yay. Oh no, I forgot, it’s 2012 already and the Cavalry won’t make it in time. 

    But then….

    Is it possible that you are too much the veteran to think before you write and perhaps tap into the ether from time to time to get a clue occasionally?

  • CharliK

    “expected to”

    Hit me back when they have. And not by ‘shipped to stores’, not by ‘sold to resellers’ but actual end user sales properly adjusted for returns.

  • CharliK

    stopping to think etc doesn’t make them the page hits that blind dumb rumors does. And they get paid by the page hit not by the logical and well thought, well written article. 

    And since CoM has gone greedy like all the rest, get used to it

  • CharliK

    stopping to think etc doesn’t make them the page hits that blind dumb rumors does. And they get paid by the page hit not by the logical and well thought, well written article. 

    And since CoM has gone greedy like all the rest, get used to it

  • SolarSaves

    “Lenovo. The Asian giant has become a huge ‘consumer’ of all-in-one computer systems.”
    So you’re stating that Lenevo is going to purchase, or “consume” all-in-one computers?
    Wow, from the gist of the rest of the story I would think that they would be a huge “manufacturer” of all-in-one computers.

    Sutherland, are you a robot, is English not your native language, or do you write your articles with glaring flaws in them while high?

  • Tombo

    In the short term, it makes them money. In the long term, sensationalizing information such as this chips away at potential customers unnecessarily, which means less viewership. On the other hand, if they don’t make enough money to survive and expand at least as well as their competition, there may be no long term. It’s the way web journalism works under the current internet model.

  • Jdsonice

    This does not change my buying decisions. I still don’t buy crap no matter how much of it is sold by whom.

  • morgan3nelson

    DigiTimes is ignoring one MAJOR factor – OS X vs Windows.  OS X is the primary reason people are buying Mac’s and OS X does not run on Lenovo or HP crap.

  • Hampus

    Huh, really? That’s new, last time I heard the iMac was the only All-in-One that was actually selling…

  • Hampus

    Don’t see what that has to do with it. iMac sales are really quite small (it’s not even the Mac Apple sells the most of), for Windows based All-in-Ones to sell more they don’t have to do much more than actually get sold :p

  • nthnm

    For years I read nothing but bad reviews about All-In-One machines (Windows from Windows users). I miss my iMac. If I had the space for a desk, I’d still have mine.

  • techgeek01

    well, considering that you can get a Windows powered all in one just over $1000, and an similar spec’d imac costs over $1900 and still does not have blu-ray and/or touch screen, I’m not surprised.

  • John Neumann

    I bought a refurb (last-years) 27″ iMac recently to replace my ’06 MBP as it was just not up to snuff with all the professional design work I have to do on it. It’s perfect for my needs and I imagine it fills in for many of those who cannot afford a MacPro tower. 

    I previously ran my design business on my G3 swing arm iMac and a Bondi Blue iMac before that and they all lasted well past any PC equivalent computer would have. 

  • 69Voltage

    I would gladly pay the extra $900 to avoid anything Winblows.

  • Adrian Werner

    Ermm…AFAIR Lenovo sells like couple times more notebooks than Apple does too.

  • Ronald Stepp

    Whew, they had me scared there for a second, they weren’t talking about the best PCs, just the best selling.  Which to me screams best cheap PCs.

  • Ronald Stepp

    I’d rather buy a well built PC than a cheap one.  You get what you pay for.  Of course iMacs are real expensive, and I think they are a little more expensive than they should be, but as long as Apple doesn’t knock the price down, some people will buy what they can afford.  If they could afford Apple computers, they’d get them, but then the world would be a much different place.

  • Aaron

    @techgeek01 [citation needed]

    Similar Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO (the ThinkCentre ones max out at a Core i3) that is similarly spec’ed to an iMac is $1299 (Core i5 2.7GHz w/6MB cache; 4GB RAM; 21.5″ screen; 0.3MP camera; WiFi; Bluetooth; DVD burner; touch screen). A similar iMac (same specs except better camera and no touch screen) is $1499.

    For the $200 difference, I’ll take the computer that can run both Mac OS X and Windows and lets my video conferencing not look like it was shot using a circa-1995 cell phone. Missing the touch screen? Not really. Have you used a touch screen on a vertical screen? Your arms get tired and it quickly becomes a feature that you won’t use.

  • Tim Hudson

    Yeah…. you can pry my iMac out of my cold, dead, hands. I don’t want to type everything on an 11″ screen, and I don’t want to pay an extra $1000 for an apple approved method of doing otherwise. 

  • Goldie20

    You’re kidding right? You’ve never heard of a hackintosh? If the Lenovo or HP are using Intel processors … guess what they are, then you can easily install OS X on them. And they will be more powerful than the iMac. If you did a bit of research you would find that it has already been done.

    This is also probably one reason why Apple has left the Mac Pro swinging in the wind. Why pay Mac Pro prices when you can build a powerful hackintosh that will do the exact same thing at a fraction of the cost.

  • RyanTV

    My 27″ iMac is my favorite piece of gear I have. It was worth every red cent I spent on it. It may not be the largest selling all in one, but it certainly will be the best.

    I’ve have 2 27″ in my house – One for me and one for my wife. I got my mom, best friend, and at least 3 co-workers on them and they all LOVE them.

  • techgeek01

    HP 220q

    2.8Ghz quad core CPU
    8GB memory
    2TB harddrive
    1GB graphics memory Blu-ray player
    1920x1080p display (21 inch display)Cost: $1050
    iMac? (similar 21 inch) $2049.http://

    (my bad, this particular model does not have a touchscreen)

  • imajoebob

    Uh, Chinese computer company and Chinese computer market.  And yet they barely outsell the iMac?  I don’t think that constitutes a huge surprise or problem for Apple.