Grand Theft Auto 3 Hits The App Store, And It’s Better Than You Ever Imagined



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18 responses to “Grand Theft Auto 3 Hits The App Store, And It’s Better Than You Ever Imagined”

  1. grublets says:

    I’d love it if Rockstar made Manhunt for iOS…

  2. Edgar Rios says:

    what about vice city and san andreas?

  3. MacHead84 says:

    I dont play games on Playstations and Xboxs and other crap like that so Ive never actually played any GTA games so I may grab this since itd be new to me.

  4. Brennan Hickey says:

    if they have cheat codes, Im buying haha

  5. GregsTechBlog says:

    I can’t imagine GTA without cheats though…

  6. prof_peabody says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how a game that’s centred around stealing, killing, running people over and raping hookers is somehow “okay” for the App store but something as innocuous as jiggly boobies or a bare bum is some kind of perverted nightmare from which we must protect our children.

    Morality in the USA is so totally screwed up it’s funny.

  7. MacHead84 says:

    Sounds like someone wants to play with some weird pervy apps to me. Or maybe its because if you want to look at naked women you can already do that thru Safari but if you want to play a shooting game you cant do that thru Safari as well….

  8. prof_peabody says:

    You totally missed the point of what I was saying.  

    My point is that there are apps that are totally normal and not “pervy,” and not even anything to do with sex, that are banned from the app store because they may have a picture of a girl in a bikini in them at some point.  

    There are other apps that happen to have nudity in them at some point that have absolutely nothing to do with sex that are also banned.  Nudity is not necessarily sexual.  This isn’t about porn.  

    Even if you just want to talk about the “sexy” stuff, the typical sexy/joke stuff that is banned in the Apple store is perfectly legitimate stuff that you could buy in any bookstore, even a *kids* bookstore outside of the USA.  The stuff Apple banned was tamer than an old Benny Hill show which was apparently okay to run in prime time 40 years ago, but today is “obscene”???

    It’s really *only* the USA that thinks this stuff is bad or should be for “adults only.”  Thus my comment about the screwed up morals down there.  

  9. Brandon Dillon says:

    I knew you were over-due for an anti-American rant. You’re really at the wrong blog.

  10. Brandon Dillon says:

    I just bought this on my iMac a week ago. This is one of those games that just never gets old.

  11. Don Pope says:

    Yes, our county’s sense of morality is all screwed up.

  12. Don Pope says:

    please ignore

  13. Don Pope says:

    Disqus keeps posting my comments in the wrong place. Please ignore again.

  14. Mike Rathjen says:

    Vice City was my favorite. They really nailed the 80’s drug war Miami Vice feel.

  15. Nathan Glass says:

    You never rape the prostitutes in GTA. If you ever played the game you would know that you “pay to play” with the prostitutes. Then you kill them and get your money back. Also it’s all about $$$$. GTA will make way more money than a jiggly boobies app.

  16. TradeGothicBold says:

    I can’t understand ya, go back to yer country

  17. TradeGothicBold says:

    I can’t understand ya, go back to yer country

  18. Gregz0r1 says:

    An Awesome port, with only one irritating flaw(that I hope gets fixed soon):
    There seems to be no way of selecting targets, when aiming a firearm. Many times I’ve been trying to shoot gang members, with the game randomly locking onto innocent bystanders, meaning I get wasted, in no time.
    Another thing, I’d the lack of saved game syncing between devices. I love playing a mission or two on my commute to work, and pick up in more comfort on my iPad, when at home, but there’s no continuity at present.

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