Grand Theft Auto III Will Go On An App Store Killing Rampage Next Week!


  • Jordan Clay

    This looks like it has to be a game I play on the iPad.  All those controls would just be cramped on a 3.5″ screen.   Too bad the iPhone/iTouch isn’t a 4″ screen.  The added real estate would be a little nicer

  • OrangeNick

    bring on vice city this is brilliant news! GTAIII should open up what games can do on iOS devices, there are only a few at the moment, even tho the graphics are 10 years old I think they will look great on these devices. the controls look simple enough too.

  • joewaylo

    Why GTA 3? We’re up to GTA 5 next year. I can understand going back to the iconic days when GTA went to 3D and escaped the 2D aerial realm, but GTA 4 or the sequels would be well suited for the processor I think.

  • Chris N

    heck! why not jimmy