Twitter Releases New iPhone App



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11 responses to “Twitter Releases New iPhone App”

  1. Alex V Bush says:

    I think they shouldn’t have moved direct messages :(((

  2. davidgoscinny says:

    Is there an update planned for the Mac version? It’s starting to feel (very) outdated, I mean it can’t even upload pics using the official Twitter API. :-/

  3. Zoe_RILLA says:

    Before, I could slide my finger horizontally across the tweet I wanted to RT or respond to. Now, I must click on the tweet, which opens it up to a new screen – with those options. Very annoying, more clicks.

    Same with trends. You have to expand out to see all trends. Again, more clicks.

  4. Zoe_RILLA says:

    or should I say “touches”

  5. Steve LeVine says:

    I like it a lot, with one exception- where are the saved “Favorites?” Haven’t heard back from @support:twitter yet.

  6. Steve LeVine says:

    @twitter-280401608:disqus – Are you using the latest Version 2.1.1 from the App store on the Mac?
    I use it every so often and sometimes is a little challenging. I have a feeling they want to get the website done first so that there will be almost no need to use a stand-alone app while on a desktop/laptop computer other than the browser version.

  7. Asszem says:

    I’m starting to like it but my first impression was not very good

  8. Steve LeVine says:

    @ZoeHenderson:disqus  Per a tweet from a Twitter mobile developer, the swipe features should be coming back in the near future.

  9. nthnm says:

    I prefer the older version. I still prefer Tweetie over the Twitter for iPhone app.

  10. nthnm says:

    This is the main reason I dislike the new app. I hope this changes. And soon. 

  11. davidgoscinny says:

    Yes I’m running the latest version from the Mac App Store. I have doubts it’ll be updated at all.

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