Flipboard For iPhone Is Like Having A Personalized Magazine In Your Pocket [Review]



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10 responses to “Flipboard For iPhone Is Like Having A Personalized Magazine In Your Pocket [Review]”

  1. GregsTechBlog says:

    I’m looking forward to getting it to work. It seems they’re still not allowing new users to sign up. 

  2. Joel Balderas says:

    Not working in Houston.

  3. Omar D. Plumey says:

    Not working.

  4. Nicholas Serechia says:

    They need to get this to work. Mine keeps saying to check my internet connection which i have.

  5. ctt1wbw says:

    I have flud, flipboard, multiple google reader apps, and News360.  Honestly?  News360 beats them all.

  6. Connor Mulcahey says:

    me too

  7. E V says:

    C’mon you know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The app is free, but what’s the catch? What about privacy? Do you always want some one else’s server to have logs of what you read (for example, what if someone wants to subscribe to a tumblr feed that sometimes has NSFW content)? 

  8. Asszem says:

    I have mixed feelings about this app. Looks great but the design is not very iPhoneish, somehow it reminds me of  windows phone 7. 

  9. Jay Q. says:

    simple.. don’t use the app :)

  10. barbudo says:

    I gotta say that browsing my Tumblr feeds that sometimes has NSFW content porn feeds (let’s call a spade a spade) is loads of fun on Flipboard for iPhone. You should go ahead and try it :o) As for the privacy thing, if someone wants to dig up dirt on you, they will without you even knowing. Problem is, nobody ever will because your private life is not that interesting.

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