Apple, Ink: The Coolest, Wildest, Weirdest And Most Extreme Apple Tattoos Around [Gallery]


Forever, the face of Apple.
Forever, the face of Apple.
Photo: Jaime De Leon Tud

Lee Shoe’s simple but effective Command Apple tattoos.

We’ve written about iDan before. He’s an ex-Apple employee turned rock star who tattooed Steve Jobs’s face and “Crazy Ones” speech right on his arms. Still just as fantastic as the first time we posted it.

This pair of Susan Kare designed Happy / Sad Mac tattoos are a pretty popular design . These ones were done for a MacRumors forum goer, but we’ve also seen them on the wrists of an Apple Store genius (who else?)

Okay, this isn’t technically an Apple tattoo, but it is still appropriate. First of all, the tattoo’s owner, Robb Albright, is an iOS and Mac developer, and the tattoos describe the Golden Ratio, which Apple has used to design pleasing icons and devices for years now, including most recently the iCloud icon.

Do you have a strange, cool or wonderful Apple tattoo? Why not send us a picture of it and a little about why you decided to get it and we’ll consider it for a future post?