iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Strings Pop Up In Latest iOS 5.1 Beta Code



Following the release of Apple’s iOS 5.1 beta yesterday, developers have been trawling through its code in an attempt to uncover references to upcoming products that Apple didn’t intend for you to see. We’ve already seen references to a next-generation Apple TV and a fourth iPad 2 — believed to be destined for Sprint — and now the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 product identifiers have been discovered.

As you can see in the strings above, Apple has included a product identifier for an ‘iPhone5,1’, which is undoubtedly the company’s sixth-generation iPhone — the iPhone 5. The iPhone began with the code ‘iPhone1,1’ when it first launched back in 2007, with Apple’s most recent iPhone, the iPhone 4S, labeled the ‘iPhone4,1’.

There seem to be no doubts, then, that iPhone5,1 is a reference to Apple’s upcoming iPhone, which is expected to sport a thinner, lighter form factor; a larger 4-inch display; and possibly 4G capabilities.

Also appearing for the first time in the new beta is a reference to the ‘iPad3,3’, which is expected to be Apple’s third-generation iPad, believed to be called the iPad 3. Rumor has it this device will be the first iPad to boast a Retina display — a feature I think we’re all looking forward to — and possibly Apple’s next-generation A6 processor.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • Nick Kuijpers

    It’s funny that most of the Apple sites don’t even know what they are talking about. The iPhone 5? Why do you call it the iPhone 5?

    1: iPhone (The one with the steel back, some call this one iPhone 2G, but it is just iPhone)
    2: iPhone 3G
    3: iPhone 3GS
    4: iPhone 4
    5: iPhone 4S
    6: ?

    We are at number 6. So at least it would be called iPhone 6, or some kind of name, but not 5.

  • August Drilling

    “company’s sixth-generation iPhone — the iPhone 5.”

  • Michael Knaak

    “…Apple’s most recent iPhone, the iPhone 4S, labeled the ‘iPhone4,1”

    Don’t you mean “iPhone4,2”?

  • Brandon Dillon

    It would be the 6th iPhone created, but would probably be called the iPhone 5. I don’t think they would leave that gap.

    Nobody likes a smart-ass.

  • baby_Twitty

    maybe it will be released as iPhone 5,1 ???
    it is still both the 5th generation iPhone and at the same time, a 0.1 version beyond the supposed 5th…

    so there u go, Apple will call the next one iPhone 5,1

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