Next Generation Apple TV Given “J33” Codename In iOS 5.1 Beta



With rumors suggesting that Apple is preparing to take on the TV market, we all wait with bated breath for what Apple has in store for our living rooms.

Thanks to a finding in the newly-released iOS 5.1 beta, a next generation Apple TV is one step closer to reality. The device has been given the “J33” codename internally by Apple.

9to5Mac did some snooping in the iOS 5.1 beta SDK and found new references to an upcoming Apple TV. When a product is getting closer to launch, it is given a codename in iOS. Previous Apple products have been discovered through these codenames, like the iPhone 4S (N94) and first gen iPad (K48).

Before the Apple TV’s new J33 codename, the device was simply given the “3,1” identifier in the iOS SDK. This next generation Apple TV is the second device to receive the “J” series label. The iPad 2’s codename was “J2.”

A Sprint flavor of the iPad 2 is supposedly also referenced in the iOS 5.1 beta, with Apple giving the “2,4” identifier to that mysterious device.

Is this J33 Apple TV the top secret, Siri-controlled, beautiful television that we’ve all been waiting for, or is it merely an A5-equipped refresh with 1080P HD video playback? Hmm…

  • HelbertPina

    I don’t know if it’s relevant, but the Apple TV has just been “given the green light” to be released here in Brazil. ANATEL is the government agency that ratifies cellphones and all Wi-Fi-enabled devices before they are released, and they have just homologated Apple TV here.
    There are rumours that Brazil is about to finally get its own proper iTunes Store along with the ATV: so far, we only have a slimmed down version of the AppStore.
    Maybe this ‘new ATV’ is just a slightly modified version for the Brazilian market? Does that make sense?

    The photo was published by Gizmodo

  • David_Lazarus

    A Siri controlled Apple TV might be too complex to be reliable at voice control. So an A5 powered 1080p version is all that I want. That looks far more achievable.