Simplier Offers A Simple Way To Play Music Without iTunes [Review]



Simplier is a very simple $3 music player for people who just want to hear some tunes without having to trudge through the hassle of opening and browsing inside iTunes.

When I say very simple, I mean it. The app is clearly modelled on apps like Twitter and Sparrow, which use a series of icons in a vertical panel on the left to divide up your options.

Here, those options are to browse your albums, artists, songs and playlists. Scroll through to find something you want, click and play. That’s it. There’s support for shuffle mode, basic music control buttons, and support in the preferences for the Apple Multimedia Keys on your keyboard.

You can also link the app to Twitter, if you want your followers to know what you’re listening to.

There’s not a lot to it, but that’s deliberate. It’s supposed to make things simpler. Hence the name. Sometimes the scrolling can be a little jaggedy, but maybe that’s just me needing more RAM. If iTunes’ bloat bugs you, and all you really want is quick access to some sounds, Simplier is a decent alternative, for about the price of a coffee.

(Via One Thing Well of course.)

[xrr rating=70%]

  • Mitchell Currie

    Show me the idiot who can’t figure out iTunes…

  • prof_peabody

    It’s a nice layout, but it’s practically identical to the iTunes one, just rotated 90 degrees. iTunes should definitely offer this portrait layout as an option. 

  • Dinnie

    I bought it last weekend.

    – Twitter function doesn’t work
    – albums does not appear as a album under artist but under the huge list of all songs

    Until the developer fix these, I don’t recommend it.

  • Reevo

    Anyone know if this works with Snow Leopard? 

  • Photis Georgakopoulos

    Much simpler, almost totally feature-free and also free is Taply. :) I am using it for two years now and I recommend it instead of playing music via QuickLook.

  • gareth edwards

    teenage fanclub! ahh, the memories. 

  • AlecTheFirst

    Good! I can finally listen to music again! iTunes is far too complicated for me.

  • Jonathon Wilson

    Wow couldn’t they think of an original UI? Its a straight rip of twitter!

  • asura

    I haven’t listened to Teenage Fanclub in forever!!!

  • Tom Oakley

    So? It’s excellent UI design and I expect it to be the ‘norm’ for Mac apps and iPad in the next year or so.