Watch This Cute Pug Totally Flip Out Over The iPhone 4S [Video]


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Pugs are the adorable little walleyed goblins of dogs, but through years of selective breeding in the shallower end of the canine gene pool, they aren’t exactly the brightest pups out there.

I guess we shouldn’t feel too betrayed by this cute pug’s lack of taste then. Check out how upset Coco the Pug gets when the latest iPhone 4S commercial pops up during his channel surfing. Check out the video below.

Awww. That’s the way I react to Android commercials!

[via The Next Web]

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31 responses to “Watch This Cute Pug Totally Flip Out Over The iPhone 4S [Video]”

  1. LTMP says:

    Looks and sounds to me like he was saying “I want!”  “Want one!”

  2. Buster says:

    this isn’t an iPhone 4S commercial. Think it’s a 3GS commercial. Looks like the dock is iOS 3.0 version

  3. Branden Dae says:

    Fake iPhone 3G commercial.

  4. jgr627 says:

    Whoa cool set up, what type of screen + projector combo is that?

  5. Branden Dae says:

    Fake iPhone 3G commercial.

  6. Steven says:

    Funny, my mom’s pug, flips out like this, every time MASH comes on.  The opening theme comes on and she goes crazy.

  7. atimoshenko says:

    It’s a spoof 3GS commercial, namely:

  8. NapMan says:

    Is this a real iPhone commercial playing?  Listen to the audio…apps to help you stalk your ex-girlfriend??

  9. Eric says:

    Sounds more EXCITED than upset.  ;-)

  10. daiglebox says:

    The dog seems to go nuts whenever it sees the finger touching something. I wonder if this pug has ever had a prostate exam…?

  11. Wes says:

    That dog is such an Android Fanboy!

  12. Misspbc says:

    We are a pug and apple family also!! Xoxo

  13. Catitude3 says:

    Pug clearly loves iPhone 4S!  Can’t wait to see his reaction to the 5!

  14. techblogstartup says:

    Coco! dog has her own site now

  15. Terrance Shaw says:

    It’s not, it’s one of the many parody commercials on YouTube.

    Good catch.

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