The Best Alternatives to Super Mario Bros On iOS [App Store Roundup]


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  • fortninety

    It’s a shame that Super World Adventures’ jumping and spring sound effects are completely lifted from Super Mario and Sonic respectively.

  • thomin

    My favorite is “1-bit Ninja”. It’s a lot like “Super Mario Land” for the Game Boy in many ways. I guess this is the least “Mario-like” title Nintendo ever released, but it works so well on the touch screen.

    1-bit Ninja also has some unique features, making it stand out. I can only recommend that game…

  • KillianBell

    I’ll be sure to check out 1-bit Ninja. Thank you for your comment.

  • DeadByDawn

    How about arcade jumper check that game out its like the old arcade games from the 90s

  • MacNews1

    I really enjoy Giana Sisters! The graphics are awesome! I never had a chance to play the original game though :(

  • IncredibleJackG

    App Store has several good platform games, Incredible Jack, for example :)