Add Custom Shortcuts to Your iPhone’s Home Screen Without Jailbreaking


  • Jack

    Its not quite as great as it sounds… it just uploads your icon to a webpage and you create a home page bookmark to that site. The site then directs your phone to what ever function you assigned. 

  • Dens

    It still works though. i think that’s what’s important. 

  • Michael Rygaard

    well that sucks

  • baby_Twitty

    This site has all the similar settings preloaded for you, so all u need to do is choose the ones u want, then book mark it TO YOUR HOMESCREEN. And its FREE.

    but 3G or wifi connection is needed. thats the draw back.

  • baby_Twitty


    No, this app adds the home screen bookmark with those ‘prefs’ as local url. After u add those home screen bookmark icons, internet connection is NO LONGER required.

    But if you are talking about the methods i posted by iPhoneZA, then their methods require internet connection.

  • Tttt

    Installed the app, I see how to do things like call/sms contacts, and a few other things, but don’t see any ways in the interface to link to areas of the OS like brightness and wifi????

  • guest

    Hey thanks for the list of shortcuts but I noticed that you have used a ; (like in Airplane Mode On — prefs:root=AIRPLANE_MODE) but the demo video uses a : .  What do you say?

  • Custom

    It’s just a work around but it’s working !!   

  • Digi


  • aga

    This is great! Fed up with going through so many stages to get to Bluetooth, this gets me there QUICK!

    Well worth the money spent.

  • Jtriana8

    This is a great work around. Yes, wifi or 3G is needed but how often are we somewhere that does NOT offer either of Those two. This site saved me .99 cents! Thanks

  • João Jotta

    Does it require an internet connection for the shortcuts to work?

  • Demonstr8r

    Useless. A folder of shortcuts is no quicker than openining the settings app, and you are limited to 20 shortcuts per folder that are likely to be scattered in disarray with no sense of relationship. Are you trying to save time by reducing mouse clicks for settings that you rarely change at the expense of forcing the user to insert him- or herself in the process of creating and organizing the shortcuts, and managing them over time? Foolish.

  • Ronald Stepp

    BEST APP EVER, especially for that damn Bluetooth Settings Screen!

    I would have paid 3 times what they are asking. Just tried the Bluetooth Settings shortcut and worked like a champ!

  • Stationgrey

    Pretty neat. Not as good as jailbreaking and using SBSettings as well as other much better apps, but for those of us waiting on a jailbreak for the 4S this will have to do for now.

    No idea why Apple ban users from using the phone properly, but there you go. We have to go with whatever workarounds are offered.

    And just to clear up the confusion below – you need ‘net access to make the icons initially. You don’t need access to use them.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Useless for you maybe. I only need brightness and airplane mode, so no folder needed at all.

  • Payton

    Nice app but once you uninstall and re-install it, all your shortcuts don’t work and require you to recreate them.

  • João Jotta

    “no quicker” if you have an iPhone 4S or an iPad.
    Those with older iPhone 3GS’s or even iPhone 4’s will be happy not to wait for the Settings app to open. (;

  • Steven

    Does this app leave tabs open in Safari like the iPhoneZA IconSettings site (… ) does once you’ve clicked on one of your shortcuts?

  • Starman_Andromeda

    Nice article, but rewrite this sentence (or have those other folks do it!)

    “Once you’ve created your shortcut, it’s easy than ever to access common settings right from your home screen.”  

    “it’s easy than ever” makes no sense.  Even the intended “easier than ever” makes no sense as it implies it was easy!  The whole point of the app is that at present there is *no* way of accessing common settings directly!

  • Drsheming

    Could anyone tell what the code would be for going straight to Personal Hotspot, I have tried the same as the VPN setting but replacing it with PERSONAL_HOTSPOT and PersonalHotspot but neither work. ANYONE

  • Drsheming


    Just figured out the internet tethering, so for anyone else looking just type the following


    thats it, takes you straight to the tethering settings

  • Jack

    Great App. Got it working well. Very helpful. 

    Am however having an issue with the syntax for General / iTunes Wi-Fi Sync

  • Greg

    Everyone wish for icon project on free app a day please so we can get it for free

  • hannacun

    awesome application. :)

  • GingerNinja

    Missing from the list:  Cellular Usage — prefs:root=General&path=USAGE/CELLULAR_USAGE

    Why is it useful?  If you reset your stats on a monthly basis it is, especially if you add a Task to visit it…..

  • DaSource

    The best solution by installing a profile:

  • kelley maddox

    I tried to add brightness just like you did, and it never lets me create it, it keeps asking me for a valid URL. I double checked, and all the spelling and case was correct. I feel like I just wasted my money.

  • frayan

    I wasted my moneyon this app. It doesnt work

  • forozcoj

    Those URL shortcuts doesn’t work, “Invalid URL” message appears in Safari. This used to work when I wasn’t a paid app, btw, in testing it on a 5.1.1 iPhone 4

  • ApplePr0n

    Does what it says, but it’s really just a bookmark. Nothing too exciting, but works nonetheless