Secret iOS 5 Easter Egg Lets You Take Panorama Photos [How-To]


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There’s an easter egg in iOS 5: a new panorama mode that lets you stitch together multiple shots you take with your iPhone’s camera into a gorgeous 180+ degree image. Unfortunately, while Apple clearly spent some time putting this together, there’s no way to access it as a consumer unless you jailbreak your iPhone. Here’s how to get Apple’s panorama mode working on your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

It’s a pretty easy tweak to set up. If you want to make things easy for yourself, just load up Cydia on your jailbroken device and download Firebreak. Once Cydia installs the tweaks, the panorama toggle will be available in the Camera app’s options menu.

Like to get your hands dirty? If you can access your iPhone or iPad’s, just change the value of “EnableFirebreak” to “Yes.”

It’s a cool little easter egg, no doubt, but to me, it feels like Apple left it out of iOS 5 for a reason. It feels a little cumbersome, a little hard to use. More an iOS developer’s own proof-of-concept than the kind of elegant, simple-to-use feature Apple likes to showcase.

  • jovid52

    So, of accessible only via jailbreak, did I miss the 4S being jailbroken?

  • ray

    Ok so, how do you modify it without a jailbreak?  Using Xcode?  I know you have to access the camera app and change it there, but how do I get to the camera app?

  • ALi

    if u r a developer then life is easy.. just download app called iFile and resign this app for ur self. 

  • Jordan Clay

    apparently there is a way to w/o the device being jailbroken.  This is from Gizmodo:

    1. First, you should access the in the iPhone (you need to have
    developer access to do this). The exact location of that plist is:


    2. Then, add the line value of EnableFirebreak=Yes.

    3. Done. A Panorama button will now appear when you click on Options, displaying a special interface to capture photos in succession, matching them to create the panoramic photo.

  • ufslide

    or you can just install AutoStitch (whichs works great btw) from the app store & not risk bricking your iphone just to get that feature..

  • Nathan

    I don’t think it’s really an Easter egg if you have to jailbreak the phone. If so, almost ever feature offered in Cydia, etc would be an Easter egg.

  • CharliK

    i think you nailed it with the last bit. They haven’t turned it on yet because it’s not ready. They are likely working on it and when it is ready they will turn it on. 

  • Carmencilla

    Demandar app is free and really cool… It does the same thing and you can turn 360 degrees…

  • wirelessdeo

    They are talking about iOS 5 on the iPhone 4 or iPad 2.  The 4s JB has not been released to the general public yet.

  • HenryMcNinja

    This is such a typical ‘I’v never jailbroken my phone and know nothing about jailbreaking’ comment to make. You won’t brick it, unless you add something you shouldn’t through Cydia, which would make you an idiot. 

  • Docomarma

    I tried that without success

  • Joel Sapp

    John Brownlee –  You don’t have to jailbreak at all, just change a couple preferences. I just did both on my iPhone4s. it is very simple and far from jailbreak. 
    The app is probably not added because it doesn’t do a good job with shaky hands. It looked horrible and there is not alot of feedback to tell you it has finished the shot. 

  • Docomarma

    Could you please show me how you do that! I tried to resign iFile but without success! Thanks in advance