Cult Of Mac Is Now On Google+, Come Join Us!



Earlier today Google announced the addition of Google+ Pages, which allows businesses to create pages and interact with fans, just like on those other social networks. We’re really excited about Google+ (Hangouts are pretty freaking awesome), so we’re not wasting time to get started. We created our shiny new Google+ Page for Cult of Mac that will be getting all latest Cult of Mac news and love. Now you can add us to your circle and enjoy Cult of Mac’s news in Google+.

You can get to our Google+ Page by clicking here. And if you haven’t added us yet to your Facebook and Twitter parties, we’d love to be your friend there, too.

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29 responses to “Cult Of Mac Is Now On Google+, Come Join Us!”

  1. Alberto Hernandez says:

    Sleeping with the enemy!! haha jk

  2. Phil says:

    What’s Google+?

  3. vbsmch says:

    I dont wanna support Google!

  4. 69Voltage says:

    Social networks? No thank you.

  5. Qwertyu says:

    ITS confirmed Cult of Mac has finally sold out to google!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ronald Stepp says:

    Just because you CAN put a page there doesn’t mean you SHOULD put a page there.  As Google+ goes the way of every other popular people site that eventually is full of Coke, Pepsi, and all the other businesses that want to whore out every single inch of the internet.

    I mean really, do we NEED a Cult of Mac page on Google+?  Really?  Should I just stop coming here from now on?

  7. iDaBoss says:

    reading these other comments makes me weep for humanity. apparently people aren’t capable of like both Apple and Google. who knew

  8. mlahero says:

    I know man…. its just so disappointing.

  9. Gimmethelatestfad says:


  10. Buster says:

    If you don’t want to support Google that’s fine. We’re not whoring ourselves out to anyone. We don’t make money on Google+. We’re simply creating a page on Google+ so that fans of the site who like Google+ can interact with us there. We’re still maintaining our presence on Facebook and Twitter. Not everyone likes Facebook, not everyone likes Twitter, not everyone likes Google+. We’re just providing options to all of our fans who enjoy staying connected to the site and getting their news wherever they want.
    Creating a page on Google’s social network is not being a traitor. If using Google products are grounds of treachery, then I suppose everyone needs to stop using the Maps app on their iPhone and set Bing as their default search engine. Truth is, Google does some things really really well. We love Apple products but that doesn’t mean we’re blind to some of the things other companies are doing right. 

  11. Chris Rose says:

    I am dumping Google – just like I will never buy another Samsung product – and here YOU are advocating Google?

    Who do you work for???

  12. jdog25 says:

    Something millions of people know about unlike Facebook for the first few years.

  13. jdog25 says:

    Something millions of people know about unlike Facebook for the first few years.

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