Try A Different Search Engine: Get Duck Duck Go On Your iPhone [Review]



For the last few weeks I’ve been using DuckDuckGo as my search engine, not just on my Mac but also on my iPhone.

The iPhone app in particular was a delightful eye-opener.

Previously, I’d been finding the official Google Search app rather disappointing. It was slow, and full of extra stuff I didn’t want. When Google first appeared in the 1990s, it was different because it didn’t have all the extra stuff: just web search.

DuckDuckGo has the same feel as those early Google searches. It’s fast, it’s accurate, it just does the search you need and gets the hell out of your way.

What’s more (if things like this bother you), it doesn’t track or store your search history, and doesn’t wrap up your searching in a bubble of data aggregated from everything else it knows about you. There’s no DuckDuckGo social network, no DuckDuckGo Likes or +1s. It’s search, and nothing but search. And that makes a nice change, to be honest.

The search results are nicely done, too. Often, the answer you need is shown in the “Zero-click” summary at the top of the results page, derived from sources like Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia.

The DuckDuckGo search app is free in the App Store. Recommended.

[xrr rating=100%]

  • martinberoiz

    But is this a new ‘search engine’? can I access this search engine outside my iPod?

  • Ash

    quite a refreshing change from google. I like it. 

  • prof_peabody

    It doesn’t appear to be a search engine so much as a search *app*.  In other words you have to sort of hack it onto your desktop if you want it in Safari, and the app in the iOS app store is an app that doesn’t appear to integrate into mobile Safari either.  

    If I could replace Google on iOS with this I would probably do it, but I’m not going to switch to a separate app to do searches.

  • AGreenEarth