Google Has Already Pulled Their Crappy ‘Native’ Gmail App


Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 12.32.55 PM

Well, that didn’t take long. Just three hours after Google released their official Gmail for iOS app, they’ve already pulled it.

Why? Well, despite our initial enthusiasm, it kind of sucked.

How did it suck? Well, for one thing, there was nothing native about the app: it was just Gmail in a web window. None of the supported features, like push or badge notifications, actually worked. And when you loaded the program up, the first thing you got was a big error.

Totally dumb. A piece of crap. It was actually worse than loading up Gmail in Mobile Safari. Let’s hope Google just released the wrong app by mistake.

Update: According to a tweet by a Google engineer, they released a buggy version of the app by mistake and they are working on getting an update out soon.

  • Pdspam

    Maybe google needs some adult supervision again?!?

  • Demonstr8r

    To bad because the screenshots look nice at first glance. In general, I like the new gmail web interface on the desktop too, but I wish there was a way to hide the priority indicator, which is way too distracting.

  • Ed_Kel

    Is there a reason to use gmail anymore? accounts are free now..

  • ctt1wbw

    Still trying to figure out how a company with that much cash can’t make an app that works?  Did they just jimmy up something over the weekend and test it for bit (minutes) and then submit for release?

  • crateish

    In Klingon, Google means ‘Crappy.’

    I assume.

  • yopdesign

    The question is also, how apple can submit such an app that isnt ready for launch?

  • harmo tend

    You mean Google right?

  • yopdesign

    Of course both are wrong, as far as i now apple always check on apps before they make it available for download… Quality Controller need to be blamed on both side..

  • MrMLK

    Of course, Harmo is right and you are wrong.

    I can just imagine how people would scream if Apple started rejecting Apps for perceived poor quality. Apple makes sure that an App follows Apple guidelines. Its the developer’s responsibility to insure that the app is up to snuff.

  • Frank

    Apple probably did it to make Google look bad.

  • SilverPanda

    My guess is that Apple Quality Control let the app pass just to watch it burn. 
    Google screwed up, and Apple currently hates Google. Makes sense to let everyone know… :D

  • Jonathon Wilson

    Aww so its not ‘awesome’ then which is what you posted for the last post about it then. How about actually trying the app before saying if its good or not. Put some effort into posting if you are getting paid to do this.

  • macgizmo

    Buggy. Lack of features. Highly unpleasing GUI. Yep, sounds like a typical Google product.

  • causticmango

    Well, these are the same people behind Android which is also a warmed over pile of poo. They’ve become the technology equivalent of those awful free “shopper” fliers that rot in your driveway; ugly, pointless catalogs of low rent ads.

  • SupaMac

    You’re not used to Brownlee’s post? They’re all like that.

  • Baudolino

    The original post made it clear that the author hadn’t tried it yet. Also, the word “awesome” appears nowhere in the post. Put some effort into reading comprehension if you’re going to waste your time commenting on the Internet. 

  • Fafnrd35

    Actually, the previous piece did have the word ‘awesome’ in it. I read it when it came out earlier today. Brownlee, or someone, edited it so it wouldn’t contradict this one. Therefore, helpIng the author to not look stupid.

  • stusser

    You watch, the updated version will be the exact same crapp (see what I did there?) with notifications/push working.

  • Custom

    Google, first time we laught, second time we look at each other nervously… But now we can shout on the top of our lungs….YOU SUCK

  • shmoops

    Google software not ready for prime time?!?!?!

    Who wants to bet that the code grabbing as much user info as iOS allows was airtight?

  • jeanlouisnguyen

    Brownlee’s article this morning was titled “awesome app”, without even testing it first. Then “crappy”. Great journalism, John.

  • fortninety

    In John’s defense, when referring to how awesome the app was supposed to be, I believe it was a reference to an earlier report, from this very site, that the native Gmail app was supposed to be the bee’s knees.

    But after dealing with the horror show that’s the Google Reader redesign, I had a feeling it would shit the bed, and behold it has.

    Also: “Update: According to a tweet by a Google engineer, they released a buggy version of the app by mistake and they are working on getting an update out soon.”

    … lol, whatever Google. Whatever.

  • Eric

    It doesn’t work because they didn’t steal it?

  • Brian

    They should have made the app ‘invite required’ first…haha

  • Alex

    Another “crappy” article by John Brownlee… as usual.

  • scapelle

    I think even if the app wasn’t the “buggy” version, it’s still a tough sale. I have GMail attached to the Mail app. Why would I want to attach it to another app, losing functionality for Mail? Even if I did, I’m not sure it has anything better to offer. I’m amazed how much Google has dropped the ball on releasing apps (especially for the iPad).

  • Hampus

    Well many say they don’t use gmail with the mail app as doing so loses functionality…
    Personally I’ll just skip using gmail, nothing particularly good about it anyway, specially not when I’m only using a mail client like the mail app and never their webmail anyway (at that point the providers are all pretty much the same).

  • Jonathon Wilson

    Yeah, doesn’t say it now but definitely did when I read it, I knew he couldn’t have even tried the app, it was released about 2 mins or something before he posted the news and the very first thing you get when you launch the app is an error message which isn’t all that awesome.

  • Jonathon Wilson

    I don’t think there is any defence you don’t say if its good or not without actually trying it, just makes him look an idiot, which isn’t hard with  the crap he posts.