Google Releases Official Gmail App For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


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62 responses to “Google Releases Official Gmail App For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch”

  1. Jonathon Wilson says:

    Wouldn’t say it’s that awesome.

  2. Jason says:

    Where is it? Link? I search for it in the app store and nothing…

  3. Rvallejo27 says:

    cant find the app

  4. Marcelo Reali says:

    There’s no link and I can’t find on the App Store. Was the pulled down?

  5. Aufdenschlips says:

    so it´s like the mail app iOS has ???

  6. Eric says:

    So it does the same thing as the latest native Mail app on the iPhone.  Hmmm…a little too late there Google.  Just like with everything else you do.  lol

  7. prof_peabody says:

    don’t like.  icky.  

  8. ufslide says:

    Not sure why we need another mail app to handle gmail? The native ios mail handler works fine. Why would you want to go to multiple locations to check emails. dumb

  9. sokokyu says:

    Awesome? Really?

  10. Steve says:

    I just installed it, and it’s worst app that i ever seen :( It’s sad, because i like Gmail. 

  11. MacHead84 says:

    This will boost battery life for sure. No longer need the to fetch every 15 minutes. Just let push notifications handle new messages. And keep the for sending emails thru applications that are integrated with it. 

  12. Greg says:

    That headline needs some adjusting…Awesome? I don’t think so. It is HORRIBLE. I’ll still with the built in Apple Mail app.

  13. guest says:

    How do you call something “awesome” when you haven’t even tried it? 

    Brutal app.  Buggy.  First thing you see is an error msg. No Push notifications, doesn’t support pinch to zoom (some html emails get fracked).

  14. Joelcypher says:

    I just installed it and pictures in emails do not fit the iPhone screen. I will stuck with the native IOS email app.

  15. Matt Ward says:

    How is better then using the Mail app on my ipad. I have multiple mail accounts why would I want to use a separate app for Gmail when I already have a combined inbox in the Mail app for all my mail accounts.

  16. Rich Wood says:

    Awesome? Awesomely bad more like.

  17. Hilmar Þór Guðmundsson says:

    “Google Releases Awesome Official Gmail App For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch”

    You probably did not try it. Only one account, no signature, no push and buggy. Kinda sucks basically.

  18. martinberoiz says:

    you don’t have to fetch every 15 min, you can set it to manually in settings.

  19. MacHead84 says:

    Which is crappy. I want to be notified as quickly as possible. Which push notifications can handle more battery efficiently than mail fetch. 

  20. Joelcypher says:

     The main interface isn’t all that native feeling. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s just the web version wrapped in an app.

  21. Jordan Clay says:

    The App was pulled because of how awesome it was…..and by awesome I mean buggy and terrible.

    But…at least it lasted longer than Kim K. marriage

  22. Hilmar Þór Guðmundsson says:

    I have to ask this. How could a news editor post something like “Awsome” in a headline when he really could not have tried it? The app was taken offline 3 hours after launch because every who tried it hated it.

    As a loyal reader of the Cult I would like to trust that you guys try this stuff before copy/pasting marketing material from Google or any other company.

    Just a thought.

  23. Genyus says:

    To those asking if the app was pulled, yes, it was.!/gmail/s

  24. Girts Dumpis says:

    you can set up gmail as exchange account and it works like a charm with push mail etc! using it for at least a year – had no probz! just search google (lol) how to do that and you’ll be happy! 

  25. MacHead84 says:

    Thanks, Ill have to check into that

  26. David Clark says:

    Not on the store. Links dead.

  27. trock30000 says:

    Everyone on android had a gmail app long before this app was released

  28. Jonathon Wilson says:

    Yeah this ‘news editor’ really pisses me off doing stuff like this.

  29. Chris Owens says:

    Really?  You’re going to retroactively change the article headline?  Maybe leave it up as a constant reminder to yourselves to actually try something out before posting a ringing endorsement.  

  30. Gundark says:

    I concur.  Someone explain to me the benefit of an entirely separate app to check Gmail, when all my other mail comes into the main Mail app.

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