Apple’s Seamless Glass Cube On Fifth Avenue Is Launching Friday [Report]


Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store opens in New York City.
before the redesign

Apple is finally unveiling its seamless glass cube entrance to the Fifth Avenue store on Friday, according to MacRumors. Apple’s Fifth Avenue retail store is one of the most recognized Apple stores in the world and a main tourist attraction in New York City.

$6.6. million in renovations to the Fifth Avenue store will finally be revealed to the public on Friday, November 4th. Since June, there have been a series of temporary walls hiding the work that has now been done to the glass cube entrance of the store.

after the redesign

The amount of glass panels have been reduced from 90 to only 15. The fine details of the cube’s design have also been improved, and the surrounding architecture, including the water drain system, have been simplified.

Steve Jobs himself reportedly took a very hands-on role in creating the new cube. It serves as a staple of Apple’s design and architectural ingenuity.

It’s also expected Apple will introduce the ability to perform customer self-checkouts for certain in-store products via an update to the Apple Store App Store app, with the update possibly dropping on Thursday.

  • Adampardy

    Looks like it will be awesome, looking forward to visiting for the firsst time next year hopefully to get an iPad 3!

  • Mitchell Busby

    Just seems like a waste of perfectly good materials to me :(

  • Rexbanno

    Lets have a little perspective. This is nothing compared to packaging waste every day, energy waste, gas waste, hospital waste, food waste, work hour waste, hmm… shall we just generalize to the amazing amount of consumer waste that we all take part of daily but justify ourselves out of?