Apple Stores Will Soon Let You Self-Checkout Purchases Using Official iOS App



The official Apple Store app is already a useful tool if you have to sally forth into meat space, allowing you to schedule appointment times at your local Genius Bar, reserve items for pickup at your local Apple Store and the like.

Come November 3rd, though, the Apple Store iOS app is set to gain some cool new functionality: the ability to check your own purchases out at Apple’s physical retail locations.

According to our source (and confirmed by reports from MacRumors and, the new functionality will allow you to purchase physical goods using your Apple ID. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be emailed a receipt and can simply walk out of the store with your purchase without having to first try to commandeer the attention of an Apple Store employee.

That’s pretty cool functionality, but don’t expect to be able to just walk out with a new Mac unchallenged. Because iPhones, Macs and other expensive devices are kept in stockrooms behind the Store, you’ll still need to go through a sales associate to pick up one of these items. If you’re in the market for an on-the-shelf accessory, though, the Apple Store app’s new functionality should make things pretty easy.