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Italian Apple Employees Strike Before iPhone 4S Launch



The iPhone 4S arrives in Italy today – along with another 22 countries – and the Italians are so into it, they are apparently standing in orderly lines to get it.*

Outside the Roma Est store in the country’s capital, however, Apple employees went on strike.

The unidentified leader in this video from blog iSpazio says they have decide to “strike different” – as their banner and T-shirts say – because they have asked store management to meet a series of demands, but management met with them once and then refused to keep talking.  (The rest of the banner slogan is catchy, but lost in translation – “Noi della mela siamo andati alla frutta” – loosely translates to “Apple employees have had it.”)

Checking out the union page referenced on their T-shirts, demands include asking for more sales staff due to high store traffic, a monthly fixed bonus scheme for all of €200 (about $280) since employee duties are often mixed and limiting video surveillance to safety and loss prevention instead of tracking employees.

“We’re out here because we want to open up dialogue,” the group leader says. “[Apple] is a company that can provide these benefits and better the work place.”

Via iSpazio

*NB. I say this as an Italian citizen. Line jumping and disorderly crowding comes with the territory.