Apple Website Leak Strengthens Rumors of Imminent MacBook Pro Refresh



Following recent rumors that claim a refresh to Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup is imminent, I’m sure many of you are eagerly awaiting the new models before you go out and purchase a shiny new notebook. You may not have much longer to wait, according to Apple’s own website, which hints the new models are just weeks away.

If you head over to Apple’s online store and search for “MacBook Pro,” you’ll be greeted by a list of Apple’s MacBook Pro-related products, including two entries for a “Macbook Pro Memory Model,” which are set to ship in November.

9to5Mac notes that both product listings point to URLs that aren’t yet active:

While we don’t think these are the new MacBook Pros themselves, it looks like they could be components, such as RAM upgrades. What’s interesting is that the first URL mentions “2_33” and the second “2_4,” which is believed to be the processor speed of the next-generation Core i7 MacBook Pros. The current models are 2.0GHz to 2.3GHz.

If these are components, they traditionally ship a week or two after a new product launch, which suggests the new MacBook Pros are now right around the corner.

Are you looking forward to a MacBook Pro refresh?

  • Mathias Johnsen

    YES! This is good news! Even though it might just be a minor CPU speedbump. :)

  • morphorod

    I can’t wait till the refresh models come out. I’ve been waiting for a while now and I knew that a refresh was right around the corner. Its unfortunate that the major update is going to come out around next summer but I really need a new Mac and I think a new 15 inch MBP will do quite well for me. I just hope they come out before Christmas, I would hate if they made us wait after the new year for the refresh models. I personally think they will come out around the middle of November (thats my bet).

  • Steve

    Yes, I’m looking for a slim 15inch Macbook Pro without DVD-drive. Here are my specs: 15″ 1680×1050 glossy, better RGBW display, i7 2.4Ghz, SSD 512GB, 8GB Ram, 1699$.

  • Z25MN6

    If they take out the optical drive, I’d want there still to be a facility to add a second hard drive somewhere.   So one could have a fast SSD boot drive and a massive data storage drive.

  • Christian Marker

    F*** !!! i just bought a new macbook air 13″ -.-

  • Figurative

    I would love to be able to have more than 8GB of RAM.  16GB would be a good start.

  • rackom

    don`t be upset … it is great piece of hardware and it is natural that they refresh models once in a while … and it is going to be only minor update

  • professores365

    I hope for standart ssd, i7 8mb at min.., cd drive …well dont no, but maybe they il take off…
    but some people il miss that.
    I wish they put those usb ports a bit further a part, sometimes its hard to connect to usb pens u have the choose the size very carefully…

  • Eric LaRue

    I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with, but there are some rumored changes that I would prefer not happen, i.e. SSD only, no option for hard drive.  When I had my 2007 MacBook, towards the end, I was always running out of space, and so when I got my new MBP this spring, I made sure to get the largest hard drive I could get – 750GB.  The SSDs that are comparably priced pale in comparison in terms of storage size, and even the biggest SSD you can get now is 512GB, which costs an arm and a leg.  Now I know some of you will talk about the technical advantages of SSD, but for me, storage space reigns supreme.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    You could buy an external HDD and still get the fast speeds of SSD.

  • csman

    The current models are 2.2Ghz and 2.3Ghz, there’s no 2.0Ghz.

  • RicoRich196

    IMO I think 16GB RAM is a bit unnecessary. What I’d rather see Apple do is have some sort of docking solution for the MBA/MBP through TB the “dock” would have “external” RAM which could be upgraded as well as PCI Ex for GPU options and even a DVD Drive (removing the one that’s in the MBP) all the while allowing you to connect it to an external display.

    That way when you need to get super intensive work that would require 16GB of RAM you have that option but when you’re on the go and battery life is more important you’ll have 8 GB to keep you going.

  • Gforce75

    get an apple time capsule. you can setup iTunes to pull everything off your apple time capsule instead of your cpu. it’s great because of the wireless router function on top of that.

  • Gforce75

    better choice anyways. better screen.

  • Speedstar

    I want my matte screen back…

  • Figurative

    Well I need more than 8GB. I run high-end CAD programs and need more. Other top end laptops offer more than 8GB.

  • djrobsd

    Dude what are you smoking?  The $1799 15 inch is 2.0 ghz I have one.

  • djrobsd

    I’m perfectly happy with my MBP that I bought in may… Added a 128 gig SSD to it.. 15 inch, 2.0ghz, 4 gigs ram, it runs like a WARRIOR I do everything on it, use it all day at work and then take it out on the weekends to DJ with… I run Parallels Desktop to run some of my old Windows audio editing programs like Acid and SoundForge and it never misses a beat.  This has been the best Macbook ever, I’m sure for those who still have the previous gen MacBooks they may want the update, but… for me, I’m good… 

  • m_el

    Why is it a better screen?

  • m_el

    Oh god forget that question. I’ve been looking at the 15 inch. I had no idea that the 13 inch had such a bad resolution

  • Greg Smith

    anyone care to speculate about when a new iMac might be available?  That’s my next purchase for the home office.

  • CS

    I’ll buy your macbook air from you.  I have an ipad 2 64gb that I would like to trade you for or sell

  • Erin Byrnes

    So does this mean they’re not including ivy bridge until next year?

  • momentus

    Or you can do the super duper easy OWC Data Doubler install, remove your DVD drive into an external, have a Sata III OWC SSD for the OS, and the original 750GB drive for Data.

    Works like a charm.

  • Nutz320

    The MacBook Pros officially “support” 8GB RAM maximum. Unofficially, they can go up to 16GB. Go to OWC’s website.

  • Kendall Tawes

    They offer those as an option except for on the 13″ models which never had them.

  • Figurative

    Only on the 2011 MBPros. I have a 2010 model.

  • CharliK

    It could be new computers. or it could be that they are going to start selling apple branded RAM chips to the public to install themselves. 

  • abkstack3r

    The 13″ MBP has horrible integrated graphics. How about an external GPU? While they at it, make it compatible for all TB devices. Let the MBA users also enjoy an awesome graphics card.

  • hahaha

    what are YOU smoking??
    2.2 and 2.4 are the options.