Apple Website Leak Strengthens Rumors of Imminent MacBook Pro Refresh



Following recent rumors that claim a refresh to Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup is imminent, I’m sure many of you are eagerly awaiting the new models before you go out and purchase a shiny new notebook. You may not have much longer to wait, according to Apple’s own website, which hints the new models are just weeks away.

If you head over to Apple’s online store and search for “MacBook Pro,” you’ll be greeted by a list of Apple’s MacBook Pro-related products, including two entries for a “Macbook Pro Memory Model,” which are set to ship in November.

9to5Mac notes that both product listings point to URLs that aren’t yet active:

While we don’t think these are the new MacBook Pros themselves, it looks like they could be components, such as RAM upgrades. What’s interesting is that the first URL mentions “2_33” and the second “2_4,” which is believed to be the processor speed of the next-generation Core i7 MacBook Pros. The current models are 2.0GHz to 2.3GHz.

If these are components, they traditionally ship a week or two after a new product launch, which suggests the new MacBook Pros are now right around the corner.

Are you looking forward to a MacBook Pro refresh?