New MacBook Pros Are Coming



In the market for a new MacBook Pro? Updated models are coming, with all MacBook Pro models tightly constrained, including the 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch models.

Don’t expect the rumored radical redesign, though. According to 9to5Mac‘s source:

[The new models] will likely bring some marginally faster processors and the Bluetooth 4.0 technology that Apple started shipping in the latest MacBook Airs and the new iPhone 4S. The new internal code names for the updated MacBook Pro line are K90IA (13 inch), K91A (15 inch), and K92A (17 inch). The A in the codename signifies this next MacBook Pro refresh as being relatively minor. 

  • Adam

    Bought a new MBP not 6 months ago – Apple are testing my loyalty

  • Raj

    ? Get real. It’s a computer. 6 months is a lifetime.

  • beewhy

    you get real queer

  • S. Mulji

    Chances are if you bought it less than 6 months ago you won’t notice a difference at all, performance wise,  other than the fact the the updated MB Pros will have bluetooth 4.0.

    You have a very good computer that will last you some time.  No worries mate.

  • Chris

    heard this rumor a few weeks ago already on another site…what do you think, is there going to be a redesign early next year?

  • playlistpk

    This is the first time i am listening this and i think the the new rang will be great.

  • S. Mulji

    Since it’s been about three years years since the unibody MB Pro started selling, chances are good they’ll redesign next year when the Intel Ivy Bridges processors start selling.  But having said it doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee Apple will redesign them.

    So if you don’t need a new computer right now my suggestion is to wait till next year some time.

  • Cobe98

    I bought one 1 month ago and couldn’t care less.  Other than a mouse, how often does someone use bluetooth on a PC?

  • Barton Lynch

    I want a redesign!

  • God


  • Cold_dead_fingers

    It’s business foo! Apple’s in the business of competing!


    Based on Apple’s track record, redesigns often accompany serious advancement in the internal architecture.  It gives them more to talk about in their sales videos, where they go one-by-one through the various executives (Ives, Schiller, Mansfield, etc), than just esthetics.

    Ivy Bridge, set to launch in Q2 of 2012, will bring not only faster, more energy efficient portables, but it also will make possible the “Retina Displays”for desktops that are hinted at in various Apple technology.

    The biggest obstacle right now to a redesign is heat.  Apple has been making veiled threats to Intel that it had better get on the ball about improving heat issues, otherwise Apple may go in-house for chips (like with iOS devices) or go elsewhere.  I’m not sure Ivy Bridge will be enough to allow Ives to do what Apple wants to do.  In contrast, Haswell looks to revolutionize usage and standby times for laptops (24 hours and 30 days, respectively), while providing a theoretical 20x increase in performance, leading one to believe that it could open the door to a radical redesign of the MacBook Pro.

    Keep in mind, even Intel believes the future of laptops are “ultrabooks” like the MacBook Air.  Apple has not been shy about espousing a similar attitude, which also seems to resonate with the buying public based on the growing % of sales captured by the MBA.  One hopes Apple will not begin to neglect the MacBook Pro line as some argue they are doing with the Mac Pros.  However, seeing as the profit margins are likely greater on the MBPs verus MBAs, and Apple is a hardware company first and formost, I’d be surprised if Apple did go that route in the near term.

  • TylerHoj

    I think the biggest problem would have been the retina display. I think people see the iPhone and the iPod and assume all Apple products are going to get this high res display. The power consumption of a screen of that resolution and that size would cripple the battery life. 

  • TylerHoj

    I bought a 15” MacBook Pro [that I’m currently using right now] a year and a half ago, and I still have no problem waiting until the spring, or maybe even WWDC in the summer for a redesign. It’s still fast as hell, and I don’t have any thunderbolt peripherals so I don’t see what the big problem is. C’mon, Apple computers are built to last for a reason. 


    You are right.  Once the iPad 3 comes out (which I understand is awaiting retina-grade resolution screens expected for sometime in Spring 2012), people will be even more spoiled and want the same experience on their laptops and desktops.

    Enter Ivy Bridge, to solve the graphics hurdle, and later Haswell to help in the power department.  Again, you are right in that you may have to sacrifice the 24 hour battery-powered up-time from Haswell chips when seeking retina-level resolution.  Even if you get 12 hours, it will still be an improvement over today’s laptops.

    All the PC manufacturers want super HD displays to provide a carrot to upgrade.  Apple is rumored to be working on a 4K streaming codec.  Google already has 4K YouTube channels.
    I’ve long been a proponent that 4K is the future.   It is already in many cinemas, quickly becoming the standard in films, and TV makers are slowly releasing the first (ludicrously expensive for now) models for consumers.  Anyone that’s seen them say it looks like looking into a window.

    Until technology advances, I’ll be shocked if the MacBook Pros get a complete redesign anytime before late spring/early summer 2013.  In the interim, hopefully more Thunderbolt peripherals will become available thus negating some of the need for 15 different ports on our laptops.

  • Harrie

    I want a new Mac Pro ! Yesterday !

  • AuthorOfThings

    Are you kidding me????? I just got mine!

  • heeloliver

    I like the iMac.

  • Guntur

    Re: Thunderbolt comment

    Thunderbolt promises impressive spec and it delivers on that front. But can the technology carry current like USB? Can it power a compact HDD like USB 2.0 can? Thunderbolt is a gift from God but until it can do a lowly task like transferring file from a thumb drive, it remains an object of curiosity.

  • Guntur001

    JT: You are right. HASWELL is the way. HASWELL all the way.

  • wytchkraft_corp

    Still i think I’ll wait a little longer…’til they’ve got the new Intel Ivy Bridge processor!

  • MarioWario

    a1) New keyboard layout for LionOS (on all Keyboards)
    a2) Bluetooth 4.0 (for all Macs)b1) Kill the 13″ MBP (doesn’t make sense anymore)b2) Kill all classic Mac designs ws. SSD’s below GB 128 of capacity and below 4 GB of RAM (just to save the planet)b3) Kill all this jerky mirror/displays – I want to buy a Thunderbolt-Display/iMac/MBP that is useful for work … c1) design more professional – especially software (address book entries without a gender), handwriting recognition, cloud office/pdf syncing and editing and let’s use programs like Goodreader for iPad on the Macs.

    c2.1) design more logical on hardware – a hybrid device with IOS/Lion – tablet with more RAM, a keyboard, a pen-digitizer (like Lenovo Thinkpad tablet), A MATTE DISPLAY SURFACE. 

    c2.2) an ePaper design with a 10/11″ sized display (of course big RAM & Dualcore-CPU) should be evaluated – reason: the likelihood of a short-term design solution for studying with backlighted displays is close to zero (too much eyestrain). A pure design would be something big – imagine a handwriting recognition & text2speech module in hardware, hardware encryption before sending things to the cloud – THIS TIME THE APPLE GUYS COULD PRODUCE SOMETHING USEFUL AGAIN (and way better than Amazon’s 9″ DX-tablet).
    c2.3) faster interface designs on the next iPhone – really 30 MB/s for 64 GB ? And BTW it would be better to the headphone jack down next to the other connector (there is no logic in this design except it is next to the volume buttons)

    … just some thoughts ;-)

  • PuckDaddy

    then continue using USB

  • PuckDaddy

    nope …. not til an overhaul. 
    thanks anyway

  • Michael Solis

    Apple has always conformed to a 8-10 month refresh time period. The last MBP came out at the end of Feburary, if they come out at the end of October, November or December they would be right in line with what they normally do. I’ve been waiting for the refresh model because I know they are going to come out with one soon…hopefully before Christmas because thats what my wife is getting for me (so excited!!!) 

    To those who are upset that they just bought a MBP, don’t be, those are going to last years if you take care of it. I’m using an early 08′ Macbook and it works perfectly. If you take care of your mac it will take care of you, so stop complaining and stop threatening ling your going to leave Apple…who else is out there that makes products as good as Apple?? No one, I’ve tried them all, I’ve used them all because of work and they all fall short of even the most basic Apple computer. 

  • Ronga

    Oh! I just bought one (-:

  • ancel rick

    stop playing jedi mind tricks with yourself. It is STILL the same great machine that you bought. 

  • ancel rick

    these are not the droids you’re looking for…. 

  • What About ZenBook

    What do you think about the new ASUS ZenBook?  I like the MB Air but use a lot of Windows only 7 apps for my work.

    I need something that can hold a good charge and weighs less than 3lb.

    The ZenBook has a higher resolution screen than the MBA or MBP.  it was just released yesterday.

  • TylerHoj

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself! :)

  • Flu Guy

    agreed, Bluetooth is a mouse-tail…

  • Flu Guy

    Yahoo to all of Mario’s comments…

    And I want matte displays on everything. Can’t stand my tablet with it’s glossy screen.

  • AuthorOfThings