MobileMe Users Get 25GB iCloud Plan Until End Of June 2012



Existing MobileMe customers will be happy to find out that Apple is giving them access to the 20GB iCloud storage plan until June 30, 2012. The total allotted storage comes to 25GB, but the plethora of storage plans I expected to appear didn’t. Instead Apple is only offering three storage plans.

I expected a wider ranging offering for storage plans, but as of this morning Apple is only offering three. The 5GB plan is free, the 25GB plan is $40/year and the 55GB plan is $100/year. Note that all plans include 5GB of free storage.

It appears that the problems plaguing recent iCloud beta testers may have been resolved over night. This a is a good sign that the iCloud launch may go over better than the initial launch of MobileMe did years ago.

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  • barryjarvis

    I am/was a MobileMe customer and have this morning moved over to iCloud.
    My iPhone is currently only reporting that I’m on the 5GB plan.

    Do I have to do something to get the 20GB Free plan or should it be done automatically?

  • Jay

    i have an expired .mac account which is also my apple id, when i setup icloud it is ok but i cannot send email (which is the address). there’s no way to change it in my ipad :D

    i wonder if apple will enable address soon

  • omicrone

    But no iDisk kinda direct access to the cloud storage (like a virtual disk in Finder) .. or did I miss something?

  • Mokabbar

    i still can’t access icloud and can’t upgrade my iOS devices :P

  • Yousef Ahmed

    how can i buy storage on icloud

  • minimalist1969

    Any idea what how mobile me family packs with master and sub accounts will spin off into iCloud?   

  • guest

    the master account gets the 25gb of storage and the sub accounts spin into standard 5gb iCloud accounts.

  • kavok

    Mine was done automatically when I switched.

  • relichd

    i was trying to move my inactive mobile account to iCloud but was stopped by ‘inactive MobileMe accounts are not eligible to move to iCloud’ message. is there any way to do it anyway? thanks. d.

  • David Burris

    I like iCloud and all.. I’m just having one really big issue. I have one Apple ID with all of my music, apps, etc. And then I have my MobileMe account with all my calendars and mail.. Can someone offer some help?

  • robgilgan

    It’s developers only at this time – once iOS5 is released later this morning, it should be FSA for the rest of us.

  • vikrantt

    which ID to use??? My AppleID which I use in iTunes and iPhone or mobileme ID????

  • Wayne_Luke

    Is there a way to merge IDs yet? I have hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of purchases on my iTunes account and then there is my MobileMe account. Apple didn’t allow me to use the same account for both.

  • Stephen Kirby

    I’ve been on iCloud for several months. My MobileMe account was upgraded to 25Gb on transfer. Great, but how do you use it please? It isn’t anything like iDisk, it can’t be navigated or browsed. The iWork docs storage is useless to Mac users, only iOs users. I may have missed the point, but at the moment it is difficult to see how to use it effectively. Thinking of setting up my own server, sorry Cloud.

  • dickie

    I transferred over too and only show the 5GB. What gives?

  • Carl

    David, there is actually a third plan: 15Gb/yr for $20. Should be under the “buy more storage” under “iCloud” in system settings. If you have MobileMe, it won’t be present unless you choose the “downgrade” option.