iTunes 10.5 Released Ahead Of Tomorrow’s iOS 5 Launch


Screen Shot 2011-10-11 at 1.07.04 PM

Want to play with the same version of iTunes us devs have been rocking for the past few months? iTunes 10.5 is out, and it brings support for the iPhone 4S, the iCloud and iTunes Match along with it. Not that you’ll be able to use iTunes Match yet, but best be prepared anyway.

You can download iTunes 10.5 here. Pick it up now if you plan on upgrading to iOS 5 tomorrow, or plan on getting an iPhone 4S on Friday. It’s a 103MB download on the Mac.

Update: iTunes 10.5 actually doesn’t support iTunes Match. Instead, iTunes Match support has been shuffled off to iTunes 10.5.1 Beta, which is also now available for download by devs.