Signed by Steve Jobs & Co – Signatures Inside the Original Macintosh Case



In the tradition of artists throughout history, those proud iconoclasts at Apple who created the original Macintosh signed their creations for posterity. Inscribed into the inside rear panel case mold for the 128k, 512k and Mac Plus are the signatures of Steven Jobs, Bill Atkinson, Andy Hertzfeld, Bruce Horn, Jef Raskin and the rest of the historic team.

The whole story is at Andy Hertzfeld’s blog Folklore, which tells the story of the creation of the Macintosh via recollections from the original participants. Full artwork below. Here’s to the Crazy Ones…

Mac 128k case signatures

Mac 128k signatures

40 responses to “Signed by Steve Jobs & Co – Signatures Inside the Original Macintosh Case”

  1. MacGoo says:

    Is it just me, or does Andy Hertzfeld’s signature look like it was forged by his wife?

  2. dcj001 says:

    It’s just you.

  3. not so important says:

    Just wondering if Woz returns one day as an engineer to Apple.

  4. Benoit Lambert says:

    Just don’t forget that these peoples where pretty young.

  5. Nudsui says:

    Itd be cool if apple release a special edition macbook air where all the ceo’s of apple and co. signed their name on the bottom plate. I wonder if anyone would ever find it. I’ll tell you, something like that would go for 100,000 on ebay at least. 

  6. Xmgrafix says:

    I have an original Mac with those very same signatures email me with a serious offer…

  7. Stephen Grall says:

    All “classic” Macs are modifications of the original design, and so the SE, SE/30, Classic, and Classic II also have the signatures, though some are truncated due to the mold modifications.

  8. Guest says:

    How do you know such a computer doesn’t exist?  Start searching!

  9. Dramsey says:

    Of course, after his triumphant return, Steve purged all traces of “individual contributors” from Apple projects. Know any iPad engineers, for example? It was just him and occasionally Jonathan Ives.

  10. Cowboy Ron says:

    Never could part with my Plus.  It still runs on an 800K floppy.  I kept a copy of After Dark fishes for just the same reason.  Thanks for posting this article and picture.  I had forgotten they were in there.  It was quite a surprise when I first cracked open the case.

  11. McTex says:

    I have one.  What is it worth?

  12. Daibidh says:

    As an engineer?  Never.  But I sure would like to see him take an active PR role for the company.  

  13. jayoen says:

    Probably because there would’ve be thousands of contributors for iPad. 

  14. Xie-yicheng says:

    sell me

  15. Xie-yicheng says:

    sell me if you have,i am contactable via


  16. MacGoo says:

    Rhetorical question is rhetorical. Thanks for playing. ;)

  17. Mbforrest says:

    I have a Mac Plus with the signatures inside. I also have a hard drive, the printer, and the manuals. I’d like to sell as am cleaning out the garage. What is the value? 

  18. BRIANNNNNNNA says:

    omg how much are you asking?

  19. Mbforrest says:

    I will try to figure out a price…have no idea. The Mac Plus is one that I got from my school district when they were upgrading us to newer computers…so it has the district initials embedded on the side of the plastic exterior. Would you like me to take a photo of it? 

  20. Leviticus says:

    I have one of these that has been turned into a clock….any idea of approximate value for insurance purposes