iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Begin Shipping, But Don’t Expect to Get Yours Early



A number of lucky customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S on Friday, October 7, are already receiving shipping notices to say that their devices on the way — 4 days before the device is scheduled to launch. The orders are available for tracking via UPS with expected delivery dates ahead of this Friday, however, don’t expect your package to arrive early.

Although these orders may have already reached the shipping stage, it’s unlikely that carriers will allow them to be delivered before the device’s launch date on October 14. Apple has traditionally worked with carriers to ensure that everyone gets their new iPhone on the same day, and that orders are not delivered before launch date.

Having said that, there are some exceptions. When the iPhone 4 launched last year there were a number of reports from customers who had been lucky enough to get their device a day or two before its public launch.

Those who didn’t get their order in last Friday will now face a delay of up to two weeks before they receive their new iPhone. Apple sold out of its initial stock incredibly quickly, and the only hope of getting one on launch day now would be to stand in line outside your local Apple store from 08:00 AM on October 14.

Has your iPhone 4S begun shipping yet? If it has, or if you receive your order early, let me know by emailing killian@cultofmac.com, or via Twitter @killianbell.

[via MacRumors]

  • jgr627

    Damn I put 3 seprate orders in when I woke up at 7 in the morning that day n have yet to receive any updates for any of them…..does that mean I won’t be getting that day at all?

  • God

    Considering it took the apple system 5 hours to send me a receipt via email for my orders, I would say the shipping notifications are going to lag behind their actual prep time too, depending on what time of the time you go your order in. 

  • Rmoor

    GRRRR UPS.  My GRRR is not that UPS is bad, I just happen to be THE last stop on the UPS route.

  • David Kraft

    Actually, UPS has been updating regularly… Mine displayed shipped when I woke up at 7:30 EST this morning, and already it has been through 3 stops… It left … wait for it… Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong about an hour ago… I have been laughing at the city name all morning.

  • Anonymous

    Ironically, everyone who speaks Chinese is laughing at your name.  I’d tell you what it means, but this is a family site.

  • Sfghouse

    Hello, Im in SF, Cali. I ordered mine @ 12 AM preorder date. Verizon. This is my current state.

  • Gatti956

    I called AT&T and ordered it via the phone at 9am EST last Friday.  The status on my order via the AT&T website is “backordered” with no expected date :-/

  • IamJAd

    Should I worry if I ordered mine Friday morning, but I don’t have a tracking # email?

  • Cafemiel

    I ordered mine online from AT&T around 4 am EST 10/7 and mine indicates backordered also. :(

  • Onehourphotoonly

    atleast i’m not the only one with that same problem ordering from AT&T. backordered as well. i just hope it ships and comes on the 14th.

  • Imqtek

    Yes, I ordered mine around 2:50PM CST Friday 10/7 and mine indicates backordered as well.

  • Jrmcm75

    That’s the name of the Hong Kong airport, idiot.

  • Jrmcm75

    That’s the name of the Hong Kong airport, idiot.

  • Magicsoccer50

    I ordered mine 10/7 at 11 AM and received a email saying that its in progress of being shipped. But i don’t have a shipping number and it says It will be shipped in 14-21 days. So I wont get it until 2 weeks later? Seriously?

  • Baseball

    So if it’s on back order when should I expect to get it?

  • Goebel967

    I ordered mine on 10/7 at 640 am and it has been shipped and it is in hong kong right now. But it says that I am still expected to receive it on 10/14 and not early =(

  • Teia042

    I ordered mine around 10am central time last Friday….mine has shipped and landed in a nearby city early this morning.  It has not moved since.  The expected delivery date is still Oct 14 so I am sure they are holding it there.  Normally my packages that arrive in the city are delivered to me the next morning. 

  • suzyq59

    I ordered mine from Apple at 11:00 am on the 7th and mine I rcvd my shipping notification today… It left China yesterday

  • emalfie

    I ordered mine at 8am central time last Friday, and still have yet to see that it has shipped. :(

  • mhvidal

    Ordered my Verizon iPhone last Friday around 12:30am (PST) and just got notified this morning that it has shipped via Fedex from Ontario, CA for delivery to LA on Friday, 10/14.  Can’t wait!

  • Sasha Pena

    I received my traching number wednesday at 1:30pm and it gave me friday the 14th as the delivery date -___- oh yea and I ordered it at 3:06am Houston, TX time

  • Kkatggon

    I ordered mine around 2 pm CST from my local ATT store. My shipment is also showing back ordered as well. This is so frustrating. To think the general public is going to get to stand in line and get a phone before all of our pre orders  are filled, is so not cool. I called my local store and a rep said they received a email stating all orders processed after 12pm on Friday will most likely not be received for about another 2 weeks. 

  • MrH

    I pre-ordered mine at a corporate ATT store on 10/8 and the agent assured me that I will receive it on the 17th. Shortly after I received the e-mail “your phone will ship within 14 to 21 days”. I still hoped that I will get it by the 17th but I didn’t. I stopped by the same store on the 17th afternoon and since they still had phones in stock, I cancelled my pre-order and pickup one. Happy!!!!!!!!