iPhone 4S Ship Times Hit One To Two Weeks Barely 24 Hours After Going On Sale



This might be a record folks since iPhone 4S ship times have hit the one to two-week waiting period in less than 24 hours after going on sale October 7th. As you can see from the picture above all models from all three carriers have sold out for pre-order launch day delivery.

If you want an iPhone 4S of any type at this point your only option, if you want one on launch day October 14th, is to stand in line at your local Apple Store or other iPhone retailer. However, if history repeats itself we all know that the best place to find stock will be at the local Apple Stores.

It looks like Apple has yet another iPhone hit on their hands and I’m anxious to see what happens next year when LTE service becomes more widely available.


  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    Nice to hear that many consumers don’t think the iPhone 4S is a disappointment enough to not purchase it.  The iHaters are probably saying that the sell-outs are just hype and that Apple only made a small amount of those iPhones in order to boost the hype.  Whatever.  I’m a little more curious as to how well the $99 iPhone 4 is selling.  Are consumers biting at that, too?

  • Chastom2

    I’m on the east coast of the US. And got up at 3am to preorder my phone. There were the usual delays that everyone else has reported in getting thing ordered, but ip until this morning I was told that my phone would arrive on the 14th. This morning I received an email from apple informing me that I would receive my 4S until sometime between the 24th and the 30th of this month. So much for those two sleepless hours of my life.

  • David

    It didn’t go on sale, it went available for preorder…

  • Guest

    In Canada at least, we never had the chance of delivery by the 14th. The initial sale was SHIPPED by October 14th. I placed my order about 12:45 AM (process was quick, smooth and simple – pick the colour then pick the storage capacity and it was done!) and got my email confirmation at 12:55 AM. Both said “ship by October 14th”. I suppose there is a chance it might ship prior to the 14th but that isn’t expected. I don’t really care since I’ll be out of the country until the 23rd anyway.

  • DownloadRedSnow

    So AppleTV might get the A5 while the iPod touch still has the A4? I think this upgrade will be a ways off.

    Thinking about the Apple product calendar my guess is iPads will take the Spring, iPhones the Fall, Macs in January-ish, and maybe iPods / Apple TV at WWDC.

  • Tom Pearson

    That’s why I came to comments section. Noticed that American sites keep making it out that their first round of pre-orders will turn up at people’s houses on launch day. But in the UK it made it pretty clear it will only be shipped on launch day, not delivered.  

  • Sickaluffa

    If I pre-ordered mine on the AT&T website 10/07/11 around 5pm, when will it arrive?! I checked my order status, and it just says on the status “pre-order”