Go Get iOS 5 Now — You No Longer Have to be a Registered Developer to Install It



Shortly after Apple’s ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event yesterday, the company finally seeded the Gold Master release of its highly-anticipated iOS 5 software. Until now, you had to have your device’s UDID registered to get your hands on the software early, but that’s not the case with the GM release — anyone can download and install it onto their device.

This isn’t unusual for Apple’s iOS firmware. I distinctly remember that previous firmwares have also dropped the requirement for a registered UDID by the time they hit the Gold Master release, and as 9to5Mac notes, it’s the same case for iOS 5.

There are a few caveats, however: in order to install the iOS 5 GM, you’ll need iTunes 10.5 beta 7 or later, and, of course, the iOS 5 IPSW file. You’ll need to do a quick Google search for these — unfortunately we cannot provide the links — but they shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

Be sure that you download the iOS 5 GM release; anything earlier than this will brick your device if it isn’t registered through Apple’s Dev Center. You’ll also need to do a complete restore of your device — you cannot simply upgrade from iOS 4.

If you’re happy with those caveats, then go and download iOS 5 now — it’s awesome.

Please note: Just because I suggested you do this and told you iOS 5 is awesome, Cult of Mac accepts no responsibility for loss of data, broken/bricked devices, broken computers, over excitement, complete disappointment, or letters from Apple’s legal team as a result of installing iOS 5.

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93 responses to “Go Get iOS 5 Now — You No Longer Have to be a Registered Developer to Install It”

  1. natewhitehill says:

    I did this and it is awesome.

  2. ahmedomarz94 says:

    download links here 


  3. AJc says:

    where did you find the download, it won’t let me access it!

  4. twitter-14318167 says:

    I have both files but I can’t install it. iTunes verifies the iPhone and then telling me that my iPhone isn’t eligible for the requested build.

  5. twitter-14318167 says:

    Did you have developer account? I cannot update, maybe because of not being a developer: “my iPhone isn’t eligible for the requested build.”

  6. twitter-14318167 says:

    Same problemhere: I do have the correct files but “my iPhone isn’t eligible for the requested build.”

  7. Mark Ooms says:

    Try to download the iTunes 1.5? Beta 7

  8. Mark Ooms says:

    Try downloading the new iTunes Beta

  9. macflyer says:

    Dear god – take a chill pill and wait until Tuesday next week…

  10. rockinrors says:

    ‘Do a complete restore’.
    Does that mean I’d lose my text messages, settings, etc.?

  11. Chris says:

    ‘restore’ implies that no data is lost. It just means that your data is backed up, the iPhone wiped, and then restored again with iOS 5 GM

  12. Ben Oxtoby says:

    Are you sure about this? Im a registered, but never paid developer, and the only stuff I can access is iOS 4

  13. A Name says:

    any attempt at getting at anything related to iOS 5 GM now results in this message 


    So it seems Apple has closed the hole

  14. James Winder says:

    Frankly I find this post highly irresponsable! I’m a fully paid experienced developer but I’ll just wait until the proper official roll out for this. I know what I’m doing and since it’s out next week anyway it’s really not worth installing a beta version of iTunes and messing about finding dodgy downloads of the required files :/ People that don’t have a clue what they’re doing are gonna read this and someone somewhere is gonna accidentally find an old beta and mistake it for the GM, or worse find an infected or dodgy download. I seriously think you should remove this and just advise everyone to wait a few days! Sorry to be a party pooper.

  15. jeff says:

    Tried to install iTunes Beta – after the download and install tried to open the app – message says “This version of iTunes has expired” Nice.

  16. Stepan Trnka says:

    im wondering… how do i sync calendar on my mac with icloud? or where do i find photostream on my mac? 

  17. Ben Oxtoby says:

    Id like to know this as well. If this is the GM, I’d assume iCloud would be fully functioning with it, yet I have no indication of whether its working on my mac right now. I see my iPhone can back up to icloud, but no idea if anything else works with it yet. 

    Have to admit, I didnt care much about icloud, until I just watched the video, and now its probably the most exciting part for me! 

  18. David Fielder says:

    Thats because you aren’t a paid developer. Free dev accounts can only get iOS 4 right now. Paid devs have been able to get iOS 5 betas from beta 1-GM.

  19. Anipz Raymond says:

    after i download 10.5 itunes and ios5 gm seed, what should i do ? any step by step tutorial plz ?

  20. Jomo25 says:

    If you ever jail broke your phone, you may have your hosts file pointing to Cydia servers and not Apples servers for the ECID/SHSH checks. If so, that may be preventing you from installing. You’ll need to comment out that line in your hosts file.

  21. gregbraddock says:

    works perfectly guys! thanks for the tip! 

  22. gregbraddock says:

    after you download and install 10.5 you should open and extract the ispw file. once you do that, open the new version of iTunes with your phone connected. click on the iPhone, when the iPhone appears in the main window, hold “alt” and click restore. select the extracted package for the ispw file you downloaded and bam! it’ll begin to install the 5.0 software. make sure you backup your iPhone first in your older version of iTunes before doing any of this though…

  23. Joshua Hudson says:

    Be careful with this post! My friend just updated his wife’s phone (we are on developer program) and it very much would not activate because her phone was not provisioned on the developer portal. You have been warned.

  24. David Fielder says:

    When I had this problem I downloaded a program called Tiny Umbrella. Once you have your iPhone connected click on the advance tab of Tiny  Umbrella and make sure the box next to “Set host to cydia upon exit” is NOT checked,

  25. Tim Hudson says:

    So if I download this, can I still install iOS 5 officially on the 12th? Or, do I have to uninstall the iOS 5 GM first? Also, since this isn’t the official iOS 5 release, there’s a chance there could still be bugs right?

  26. Stephen Butcher Jr says:

    So I downloaded the iTunes beta 7 and now its stuck in the wrong language. Been an hour so far and still can’t change it back to english. Got iOS 5 working tho. Had to hit restore instead of update I think. Don’t understand the language.

  27. Dantoinette2011 says:

    Im scared to download it…”restore my phone”…I don’t like the way that sounds. I have the iPhone 4….What should I do?? and what’s a paid dev? How do I know if I’m registered? 

  28. Cody says:

    I had no issues.  works great!

  29. pangeomedia says:

    If you don’t know the answers to those questions, don’t bother. iOS 5 will be out next week and you’ll be happy you waited. The grief of a big screw up is not worth a week of waiting. See the problems below…

  30. Banung95 says:

    Can we use our cell data in the GM release?

  31. 0Jain says:

    Geting  Error 3002  please help

  32. RudyHooks says:

    You can’t do a location based reminder on a WiFi iPad 2 apparently, cause I can’t. Hope I can on my iPhone 4, ’cause this is an anticipated feature I was waiting for!

  33. Infins says:

    i cant believe it… why cant you wait for 12th oct? just less than a week! you can wait for few months before 4th oct, why cant spare a few more days? infact, it is free once released!

  34. Scott M. Chritton says:

    soooo heres my problem… Im just being told that I don’t have the proper firmware or something… What should I do??

  35. Finch says:

    i did this on 2 iPhone 4’s and a 3GS, worked perfectly fine.

  36. Scott M. Chritton says:

    please help me. this is driving me insane I just want the new notification stuff!! I have an iPhone 4 and Ive tried finding what went wrong and Im finding nothing!!

  37. CharliK says:

    There’s always a chance there could be a bug or two that slipped by. That’s part of the nature of software releases. As for the official download, its the same software. 

    Personally with it just a week away I don’t see the point in risking everything and bricking your phone to get it a few days early. Not to mention screwing up your iTunes library if it does any updating of that file. 

  38. CharliK says:

    iCloud hasn’t been turned on yet. That won’t happen until the actual service launches

  39. CharliK says:

    Restores means a full wipe of the phone and then reinstalling all the software from scratch. 

    If you back up your phone before trying this, in theory you could use that backup to set up the phone but theory and reality don’t always match so yes you could lose that stuff

  40. Ch4kl4 says:

    ive readed that if you get an iOS 5 beta and you are not a developer your device will became useless when apple releases the final version to the public… is that true?

  41. LVYPER876 says:

    everyone will be having new features through the regular update on itune to ios 5 and itunes 10.5 next week

  42. Barton Lynch says:

    the ipad wifi doesn’t have gps

  43. Urrrrrghhhh ! says:

    this is bull it doesnt work, just wait till next tuesday even though it hurts so bad “/

  44. Jasonklaumann says:

    its not a beta its the gm public release. The version isnt likely to change.

  45. Finch says:

    you must have not followed directions dweeb

  46. Matt Massey says:

    it worked for me just fine

  47. Lorenzo Perez says:

    My iTunes is stuck in the wrong language!!! HELP! 

  48. Lorenzo Perez says:

    were you able to find a solution to this? mine is stuck! 

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