iPhone 4S and 3G iPod Touch Will Be The Only Devices Announced Next Month [Report]



This morning we told you about the report that Apple was set to unveil the iPhone 5 at its next media event on October 4th. What the report didn’t address was the iPhone 4S rumor and how the rumors of two new iPhone models fit into the puzzle.

Reportedly, Apple will only unveil one iPhone this year, and it won’t be the mysterious, ‘teardrop’ iPhone 5 that we’ve all been hoping for.

Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair told BGR in a note to investors that Apple will in fact introduce the iPhone 4S next month. The device will supposedly be a slight upgrade from the iPhone 4, with better specs and a slight redesign.

“We expect the focus of the new iPhone will be iOS 5, a speedier A5 processor and a higher resolution 8 MP camera with a small possibility of a larger 4 inch screen,” Blair wrote. “We believe the casing will be largely similar to the iPhone with some particular modifications to the antennae [sic]. We don’t expect a second, dramatically different iPhone to accompany this as we don’t think Apple needs to have 3 models in the market to address the high end, mid-tier and low end since the iPhone 4 (with memory lowered to 8 GB) will drop to $99 and effectively attack those markets.”

Instead of a second iPhone, Wedge expects Apple to unveil a 3G iPod touch at its next event. He and his partners see the likelihood of Apple announcing two iPhones at once very unlikely.

“Why would Apple bump uponly the processor specs of the iPhone 4 in addition to a newly designed iPhone 5 if the goal is to sell it into the pre-paid market at a lower cost?” Blair wondered in his note. “A 4S would simply cost more and a 4S itself wouldn’t create a mid-tier market unless it was priced at $99 and the iPhone 4 went to $49 with the new iPhone at $199. We see this scenario as unlikely.”

While modified iPhone 4 part leaks have been abundant over the last few months, there has yet to be one significant parts leak that points to a redesigned iPhone 5.

An iPhone ‘4S’ (it probably won’t be called that) and 3G iPod touch make sense to a degree, but one must keep in mind that Apple hasn’t held an iPhone announcement in a very long time. Will Apple introduce another iPhone in early-2012? Wouldn’t that screw over people that are locked into the carriers’ 2 year upgrade policy?

  • August Drilling

    i’m getting the best iphone they announce next month, but, boy, would i be upset if they announce another one early 2012. that would be a huge let down.
    personally, i think this reported 4S moderate upgrade is a copout and doesn’t explain why we have had to wait so long for another iphone.
    finges crossed for a serious upgrade announcement too!

  • Boneskid

    if it didnt come out, the world would turn its back on APPLE…… 

  • Jay Max

    With so many people aware of a possible iPhone 5, introducing a iPhone 4S alone would seem to be almost dead in the water.  People that have current IPhone 4 won’t care, people sitting on the fence will just wait clearly aware another phone is ready & willing to go.  I know for me, I’ve had a 3S and can wait till the 5 shows.

  • Anonymous

    “Antennae” is the correct pluralization of “antenna,” and as there are more than one of them on the iPhone, it’s proper in context as well.

  • jtdesigns

    I may have believed the story if you left off the tethered iphone pic.  Seriously. iOS 5 is removing cables.  Just joking.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Hondamaker

    Don’t believe anything you hear or read yet. If it doesn’t come from Apple itself, it’s all just unsubstantiated rumor. This story I especially do not believe.

  • Garry Denny

    Apple wouldn’t wait nearly a year and a half without putting out an all-new iPhone, not just a iPhone 4 with bumped up specs. Nothing in their history suggest such a bad market move. Plus, I don’t think an iPhone 4S would drive holiday sales. Hondamaker is right by saying “This story I especially do not believe.”

  • 2Cents

    ..for a day.

  • fortninety

    To be honest, I could care less. I absolutely NEED a new iPhone (my 3GS is falling apart) and I really love the look of the 4’s design. All the 5 renders (and I know they’re only renders, but they are based upon valid info in some cases) look ugly as hell.

  • Guest

    I’m getting tired of this. Enough already.

  • Greg

    please stop putting [report] around rumor/speculation posts.  This isn’t a report, it’s crap, and you’re just trying to get hits.

  • Dyl

    Honestly no one knows what apple is really going to do. They keep all their stuff a secret and stuff is thrown around to keep people antsy and off track.

  • Mikie444

    I am starting to wonder if I need to quit looking at these sites really getting pissed at all of this I have iMac,ibook, macbook pro and have had all the iPhones and not to mention all the iPods I have been through about to say the Hell with all of APPLE and go back to windows!!!!!!

  • dcj001

    So, you do care. But you “could care less.”

    Is that what you were trying to say?

  • bunnytrifecta

    Surprise, surprise… I’ve been predicted this on this site for weeks now. iPhone 4S only next month, no iPhone 5. Simply not enough tangible evidence to suggest a different phone design (leaked design specs, spare parts, supply chain information, etc.) All evidence so far has pointed to a spec bumped iPhone 4.

  • Les Surdykowski

    iPhone 4 (S) is to iPod Classic
    iPhone (5) is to iPod Nano

  • Bunnytrifecta

    I respectively disagree. Globally, the original iPhone 4 is still selling at a record pace. From a business perspective, why should Apple completely redesign and release a different phone 1 1/2 yrs after the original iPhone 4? (Surely not just to satisfy the tech geek in all of us.) Remember, Apple did the same with the iPhone 3 and 3GS.

    Even though I’m not happy about it, it’s probably more feasible for Apple to re-release a spec bumped iPhone 4S that first and forefost keeps up with new Android technologies, but also upgrades the iPhone 4’s processor and camera to better align with soon to be released iOS5.

    I would imagine a freshly designed iPhone debuting next year to coincide with a more widespread LTE network.

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, we waited so long because Verizon got the iPhone 4. My 2 cents.

  • thomas

    I would agree — there’s no way they would have spent a year and a half designing an upgrade.  Not Jobs’ style at all … it would be a very bad move at a time the entire world is highly sensitive to whether or not Jobs’ will even be around to make the announcement.

  • MacGoo

    3G iPod Touch makes this whole statement unlikely. It will not happen.

  • Harold Cho

    In other words, no one knows until apple announces. 

  • Travorkun96574

    Still can’t believe it I just got a $827.89 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prîces at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. I use http://jmb.tw/52bf

  • Blah

    The timing has nothing to do with an all new design and everything to do with the earthquake in Japan. The next iPhone WILL look like the iPhone 4. Enjoy iOS 5. See you when iPhone 6 rolls around.

  • Tejael1

    This will b my last time waiting on a I product. I refuse to do this. Just announce a date seriously

  • CharliK

    Speak for yourself, Alex. I for one don’t want a teardrop shaped phone. I think it is a horrible design and i’m thrilled it could prove a no go

  • TylerHoj

    If Apple doesn’t release an entirely new line of iPods this year…I will drive down to Cupertino California and beat Phil Schiller and Tim Cook with a stick. Plain, and simple. 

  • John S. Wilson

    Funny thing about this iPhone 4S business is how everyone is disregarding the fact that Apple released iOS 5. Meaning there is no 4S, because if there were going to be one then Apple would have released an updated iOS 4. And for the sake of argument, let’s say that the iPhone 5 is a 4S in theory, in that it’s just a slightly updated iPhone 4. That still doesn’t hold water because I think if Apple were planning a minimal update they would have just stuck with iOS 4. No need to do 5 for a minimal update. 

  • Caimann

    no iphone cool + old style =  win galaxy s2

  • BetaDevil

    Nice to know I’m not the only one getting sick of all the rumors going around, and I definitly have another point of view.
    There will be an iPhone 4S, there was no reason to deliver it in the summer because the iPhone 4 was already a big hit and of course the release of the White and Verizon iPhone this summer expanded it’s reach.
    The iPhone 5 with big fancy screen is the new iPod Touch (HD, Anybody?) with 3G-internet access.
    It makes sense to me for them to scale up the iPod (instead of decreasing the size of the iPad) to battle 5″ and 7″ tablets.
    I can be totally wrong, but we’ll see next month. Please hurry Apple, my pants is down for so many months now, finish it…

  • Ed_Kel

    Do you all really think that Apple would hold an event for incremental upgrades on devices that already exist? Did they hold an event for the 3G iPad 1? Did they hold event for 3GS?

    Androids are coming a long way and if Apple really wants to continue holding onto their mobile phone market share, they really need to step it up; something I don’t think the 4S is capable of doing. I’m confident that Apple is well aware of that.

    I’m not buying this article.

  • Custom

    Look at what competition bring to the table… Bigger ubber-AMOLED screen, expansion capability, LTE technology…. Apple can’t ignore those fact… I really hope they bring something else than a sissy speed bump , my iPhone 4 still lag big time in benchmark! But prepare your tears…

  • Coolstorybro

    Yes, there was an event for the 3GS, at WWDC. 

  • Coolstorybro

    I half-agree. There’s no way the next iPhone will be called the “4S” because that name doesn’t make any sense. It’s the fifth-generation iPhone, running iOS 5, with an A5 processor…get it? It’s gonna be called the iPhone 5. On the other hand, I do believe that its EXTERNAL appearance will remain pretty much unchanged (aside from antenna tweaks). The operating system itself (and probably voice recognition software) will be the big stars of the show, and the phone will be much faster and snappier. Think of it as the iPhone 3GS all over again. So, why wait 16 months to launch an incremental upgrade? Because they can.

  • Coolstorybro

    …yes, which will be called “iPhone 5”. Seriously, these weird rumor-site naming conventions are getting annoying. There will never be something called the “iPhone 4S”

  • Coolstorybro

    Why, because they’re not redesigning the external appearance of the iPhone? What ever made you think they would? They just debuted a new design in their last model; how often does Apple make radical changes to a product’s appearance in two consecutive upgrade cycles? Very rarely. 

  • Coolstorybro

    There are a bunch of reasons why Apple would do this.

    1) The iPhone 4 has been selling like crazy. Why release something new when your old product is still flying off the shelves?

    2) The Verizon iPhone launch was expected to reinvigorate sales.

    3) The white iPhone launch was expected to reinvigorate sales. Both of these “mini-releases” kept things going a bit longer than they otherwise would have.

    4) The earthquake in Japan may have disrupted some manufacturing stuff somewhere along the line.

    5) The legal troubles with Samsung may have disrupted some manufacturing stuff somewhere along the line, with Apple searching for more partners to spread things around.

    6) Fitting the A5 processor into the tiny iPhone was rumoured to be causing some issues with heat, etc. 

    7) And speaking of technical “issues”, I’m sure Apple was pretty focused on getting things right after the antenna-gate and white iPhone issues. They may have spent quite a bit of time tweaking the antenna, for instance.

    8) Other factors that we know nothing about.

    So, there’s a little list of a few of the reasons why Apple may have “delayed” the release of the iPhone 5. 

  • Coolstorybro

    9) Oh, and I forgot to mention…iOS 5 has clearly been taking quite a while to tweak. Apple’s not gonna release new hardware unless they have new software to go with it. And since iOS 5 is such a huge release, it’s taken them a while to get everything right with iCloud, etc.

  • Coolstorybro

    It will be no different than the 3GS release. The 3GS sold even better than the 3G. People aren’t “aware” of Mac rumour site mock-ups of fake, 4″-screen iPhone models. They upgrade when their contracts are up and they get whatever is newest.

  • Ed_Kel

    WWDC doesn’t count. The conference wasn’t solely for the 3GS. I’m simply implying that they wouldn’t hold an event like they did for the MBA or iPad 2 for incremental changes. And if they do, then I feel inclined to ask why they didn’t for the Mac refreshes..

  • ADimensionOfMind

    I’d like to announce the iPhone 10 coming soon!

    Man I’m getting real bored of these 4s/5/blah pundits.  Apple are not going to mess up their scheduling with an early 2012 iPhone 5 3 or 4 months after launching a new phone whether it’s only got a few minor updates or not.  No more iPhone stories until after Oct 4th, assuming that’s the launch date as Apple haven’t confirmed that yet have they?

  • designstrategies

    ..for 30 seconds.

  • Cafli

    Good plan, gives me a reason to try out the Samsung Galaxy SII

  • Starfox

    There aren’t any succesful 5″ or 7″ tablets. What’s the interest of battling them ?

    Plus, what’s the point of selling an iPod with better specs than an iPhone ?

  • Enough

    “No more iPhone stories until after Oct 4th”

    Because you’re king of CoM and you say so.

  • Enough

    And it worked because you read and commented. It would be better if you just never clicked on an article with ‘report’ on it and that would better serve your intentions. Sucker!

  • MurderinMurphy

    Fine.  I’m not thrilled about the supposed teardrop design, as I love the look of the 4. 

    Ready and willing to ditch my 3GS for a 4S in a heartbeat.

  • Enough

    ‘Don’t believe anything you hear or read yet.’

    Does this include your posts?

  • Sevan Grim

    Alex, you are clearly the smartest blogger on this site.
     I have firmly been telling all of my friends who are curious in an iphone5 that one wont be coming any time soon simply because anyone who would buy a verizon iphone JUST bought one a little over 5 months ago. We are still very early into our two year contracts, and very few of us will pay an extra $100- $200 dollars in cancellation fees ON TOP of the price for a new phone. And apple knows this.
     If apple was making a 5 that would be out anytime soon, they would have waited and NOT made a 4 for verizon. Apple is not stupid, and it would be stupid to try to sell to a market you JUST sold too. “hey, before you leave the store with your new vacume cleaner, would you like to look at the new model of that same thing?”
    also, its only been what, 15 months since the 4 came out? After it took Apple 3 years to make a REAL upgrade from the first iphone? The iphone 3gs only real upgrade was that it had 3g, and the 3gs was just a faster version of the 3g. So why the hell would apple suddenly be capable of cranking out a revolutionary device when they JUST DID THAT? There are geniuses at Apple, but they arent THAT good. And above all, the current system of 3gs and 4 sales are dominating the market, with no signs of slowing down. Why would they break their own sales with a new product, when no substantial competitor exists?
    It seems like all these (and i say this loosely) journalists are “reporting” on their fantasy driven hopes, and not on the realistic, economically sound, business common sense, and facts (or lack there of) presented to them.
      Thank you for writing something that makes sense.

  • Edwardwilliamwilson82

    If that is the case Samsung Galaxy s2 here I come. Bigger screen 1.2processor 1gb ram and a fantastic screen; not to mention it is half the weight of the brick iphone 4 that I have.

    Apparently the iphone 4s will only have 512 ram and 1processor A5 just like the Ipad. This is ridiculous, I mean Apples new Iphone has not even been released and it is so out of date with regards to specs!!!!!! lol there are numerous phones which have been on the market for some time now with more ram and same or faster processors!

  • Gentleman559

    People have already begun to turn their back on Apple. With 52% of people usoing smart phones have an Android device and 28% using Apple. The numbers speak for themselves. Goodnight Crapple.