Steve Jobs Himself Tried To Talk Some Sense Into Samsung Over Copycat IP… Before Smacking The Sense Into Them



Although Samsung continues to supply parts for a range of Apple devices, making Apple the Korean company’s largest customer, the pair don’t seem to have the best relationship these days. They are currently involved in a number of legal spats which has seen Apple accuse Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad with its Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets, but before the courtroom battles began, Steve Jobs gave Samsung the chance to put things right.

At the Federal Court in Sydney today, Richard Lutton, a senior director at Apple and the company’s patent attorney, revealed that Steve had contacted Samsung back in June 2010 in a bid to settle a patent dispute that has since become a legal issue on four continents.

It seems, however, that not even Steve himself could persuade Samsung “do the right thing.”

Bloomberg reports:

Jobs wasn’t involved once the ultimately unsuccessful talks over the Galaxy smartphone began, Richard Lutton, a senior director at Apple and the company’s patent attorney, told Federal Court in Sydney today.

“Samsung is an important supplier with whom we have a deep relationship,” Lutton testified in response to questioning by Samsung lawyer David Catterns. “We wanted to give them a chance to do the right thing.”

Rather than agreeing to Apple’s request, Samsung did the complete opposite and launched an even bigger range of Galaxy smartphones and tablets — some of which allegedly copy Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

The two companies are now involved in twenty legal proceedings in nine countries around the world, which have seen Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 pulled from the market in a number of territories.

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • Custom

    Damn copycat….

  • gareth edwards

    I know the issues are complicated and wide ranging but speaking as a designer, ownership of your work is at the very heart of both your reputation and you ability to define yourself.  I had the pleasure of talking to Brad Faine yesterday (one of Peter Blake’s contemporaries) about art, identity and how much inspiration you can take from others work before it becomes just plain theft.  Samsung is like Damien Hurst in that they appropriate others work as their own and profit massively off the back of it. The more crap I see Samsung selling off as their own (like the recent use of Apple’s App icons on another post) it makes me like them, like Hurst, less and less.   The problem is that they don’t see it as an issue. Their culture and self belief makes them think the rest of the world is wrong regardless. Gits.

  • Moctavian

    I’m a designer myself, and couldn’t agree with you more. When the iPhone first came out, I even made several mock-ups of how I see a smartphone myself. I spent a week dedicating only 1-2 hours of my spare time a day and I came up with concepts that don’t even slightly resemble neither today’s iPhone/iOS, nor Androids or Windows Phones. And I never studied UI or industrial designs. Just a hobby.

    Therefore, forgive me if I don’t believe that multi-billion international companies can’t come up with their own ideas. They are clearly doing that on purpose. And they definitely were ready for lawsuits from the very beginning. Negative PR is PR still.

  • Figurative

    As much as I despise MSFT, at least they were able to come up with a phone design that didn’t rip-off Apple.  What makes Samesong so eqregious of a copier is that they copied Apple at so many levels.  If they just copied the box, it would be no big deal.  But the copying is pervasive throughout the entire product. Box, packaging, cabling, phone, software, icons, etc.  It’s the weight of all that cumulative copying that is so damning. And these nimrods that say Apple is being too protective have no idea what they’re talking about.  There have been plenty of cartoon mice throughout the years and they are all similar in that they have 4 feet, ears, etc.  But if anyone tried to get too close to Mickey Mouse there would be IP problems with Walt Disney.  And that’s the exact analogy that applies with Samesong and Apple.  It’s so clear that Samesong got too close to the design essence of the iPhone/iPad. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or not, but it really doesn’t matter. 

  • sebzar

    These kindergarden style fights don’t make these companies look any better. One would almost question if the people starting these copyright games for these companies are of legal age. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that Samsung is really impressed by Apples design in almost every detail. Samsung now claiming that Apple uses a lot of samsung ideas or designs in it’s products…. I doubt it. Apple tends to design everything in full secrecy in their own labs and other then a bit of cooperation on some points I really doubt that samsung has designed the guts of any apple product. I really cannot see why Apple want to disclose any design ideas to any of its partners and if it turns out Apple does show their partners such designs it is Apples own fault. Time to grow up maybe….?

  • aramishero

    Samsung ignorance attitude… they thought they are strong company and Apple must rely on them. So arrogance.