Apple Wins Another Victory Against The Samsung Galaxy Tab In Australia


Photo by lambdachialpha -
Photo by lambdachialpha -

Samsung could wait even longer to begin sales of its Galaxy Tab in Australia. A Federal Court judge hinted she may okay a “brief” injunction while she studies Apple’s patent-infringement claims. The suggestion came during the start of a two-day court hearing on whether sales by the Korean tablet manufacturer should be halted in Australia.

Justice Annabelle Bennett told both parties it would be best if the issues was resolved quickly. “Technology moves very quickly,” she noted, according to Bloomberg. Apple’s lawyer, Steven Burley, told the judge Monday that the tech giant would be ready to go to trial next week.

Samsung, which last week announced it would more aggressively contest Apple’s claims, said “This is where we draw the line.” The South Korean firm’s lawyer, David Catterns, told Bennett the court case is a “high-stakes fight” yet felt any resolution of the matter could take “well into next year.” Earlier this month, Samsung countersued Apple, claiming the iPad infringes seven patents.

For now, Samsung has agreed to hold off advertising and selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It’s “as plain as the Opera House to Samsung” that the Tab 10.1 infringes upon the iPad, Burley said. Apple contents Samsung has reduced the Galaxy Tab 10.1 functionality to avoid infringement claims. At a Monday, hearing Apple keyed-in on just one technology used for the iPad’s touchscreen, a patent Samsung appears to have agreed not to fight, according to the news report.

Apple has successfully sued Samsung in Germany. Earlier this month, a court in that European nation imposed a sales injunction on the smaller Galaxy Tab 7.7. Another German court has temporarily banned the Galaxy 10.1 until a patent-infringement trial takes place.