Analyst Predicts Improved Mac Sales and Record iPad Sales for Apple’s Upcoming Earnings Call [Report]


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Apple has been on quite the winning streak lately. With the next iPhone announcement on the horizon, things are only looking up for the folks in Cupertino.

With Apple set to reveal its last quarter financial results on October 18th, predictions are that the company will see growth in Mac and iPad sales, with a slight decline in iPhone sales.

Analyst Charlie Wolf with Needham Research predicts record sales for both the Mac and iPad in Apple’s upcoming earnings report. Wolf noted 4.63 million Macs and 12 million iPads sold in the September quarter. Last year, Apple reported 4.1 million Macs and 9.25 million iPads for the same timeframe.

Despite the fact that overall PC sales are on the decline, Apple is still doing well with Mac sales. This fact is most likely due to the introduction of upgraded hardware over the summer, like the new MacBook Air.

Apple was originally unable to produce iPad 2s fast enough to meet demand, but production overseas seems to have gotten back on track.

In terms of iPhone sales, customers are obviously waiting for the iPhone 5. It’s to be expected that sales would dip leading up to a next generation model announcement. Wolf noted that Apple only sold about 17 million units last quarter, versus the record 20.34 million units sold this time last year.

Wolf also predicts that AAPL stock will soar to $540 in 2012. Wow.

(via AppleInsider)