“Let’s Talk iPhone.” Apple Officially Confirms October 4th iPhone 5 Event! [Breaking]



And…. it’s official. Apple has just sent out invites to an October 4th event at their Cupertino, California campus, starting at 10am.

There’s not much else to go on right now, short of the confirmation, but we all know what’s coming next Tuesday: the new iPhone, whether the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or both.

iDownloadBlog spots something cool:

Interestingly, the image that they use on the invites may provide a clue as to what we can see come October 4th at 10:00AM PST.

The image contains the right location (Maps app), the correct date (Calendar app), the correct time (Clock app), and one more little interesting tidbit…

Did your eagle eyes catch it? That’s right, a one (1) badge on the Phone app. Now of course, this could just be a coincidence, but seeing as everything else coincides with a real world fact, I think it’s highly probable that Apple just confirmed that we’ll only see one iPhone on October 4th.

Whichever iPhone is announced, it is expected that it will be released on October 14th in the United States, the UK, Germany, France and Japan.

Also likely to make an appearance is an updated iPod Touch. It’s also possible we’ll see other updates to the iPod line, but note that Apple is not calling this an iPod event. This is all iPhone. Anything else is just gravy.

Yesterday, it was rumored that Apple would also announce new iOS 5 features like Nuance voice control and Facebook integration at their October 4 conference.

Tim Cook is expected to host the event, but could Uncle Steve make an appearance? A small cameo, perhaps, just to shout “Bam!” one last time.

As usual, Cult of Mac will be live blogging the event, and immediately be updating our site with reactions and opinions. Stay tuned.

[via The Loop]

  • MacHead

    My guess if we were going to see an iPhone 5 we’d see a 5 badge on the phone app. Damn

  • Leeandro Noray

    finally now we can stop all these speculation and i realy hope it lives up to the tremendous hype and put droid in its place

  • Salvador Gutierrez


  • munale

    or could the ‘1’ mean one more thing…

  • Johnny

    My guess is that we will see just one iphone not two. The phone badge is showing one. Well we’ll eat what they give us.

  • Luke


  • Michael Wilkowski

    I’ve been and iPhone user since 1st gen, my question now is after all the hype, all the excitement, would I be better off pre-ordering online for instore pickup on sunday because the entire apple stores will be flooded that octover 14th weekend, or pre-order it to be shipped to my house to get it hopefully saturday, probably monday?

  • Richard Mears

    My 2 cents? Along with the 4S, a major focus will be on the reveal of the new Assistant feature. The invite text has a double meaning: “Let’s talk iPhone” as in “You and me iPhone – we’re going to have a conversation.” [Yes I realise, there should be a comma, but that would give it away and negate the double meaning].

    The previews of Assistant show you interacting with the iPhone with an actual back-and-forth conversation. And the icons make sense due to the integration with contacts, calender, & location awareness. What do you reckon?

  • Timothy Williamson

    Could it be a clue to “widget” functionality too?

    – The Clock now showing the correct time.
    – The Map icon showing the correct location (I know it’s always been like that).
    – The Calendar icon displaying the correct day (also current functionality).

    Might be reading too much into it. :-)

  • DISOttawa

    Apple sent “invitations” not “invites”.

  • MacHead

    Great point

  • TeeJay1100

    I’ll be glad when all this crap is over with! Where is the Ice Cream Sandwich announcement?

  • vanmacguy

    I’m actually quite giddy at the prospect of good voice recognition. 

    I suspect this event will announce the new phone (whatever it is, a speed bump or iPhone 5) and talk about the voice stuff and launch iOS5 (saying it’s “available today”).

    And for all the people saying “finally”, we go from one round of anticipating new phones and features to the next pretty much in the same day, so there’s no relief coming I’m afraid. When this one’s over, the next will begin.

  • Blasphemy!

    OMG i’m so excited to finally get rid of my G1!

  • Drew Tipton

    Hey…  Everyone is missing the OBVIOUS thing

  • Drew Tipton

    The obvious thing is that there could be a single iPhone that does all carriers — LTE/CDMA/GSM/USPA/etc…  and so there’s only “one” model announcement — iPhone 5, it does it all

  • DysonApps

    Dude. It happened a long time ago. No one cared, guess you missed it.

  • Edgar Rios

    ME TOOO!!!!!! i hate it! I’ve had it since 08′ xD 

  • guest12345

    Or that apple missed the call to deliver this phone in their normal time frame

  • Adam

    Phil is the uncle
    Steve is the daddy… and he says “Boom.” not “Bam!”

  • iPhone App

    Now there are no rumors, finally the confirmation is being confirmed. I think almost of us are waiting for this know with what new thing it’s coming up.

  • Demonstr8r

    Perhaps Tim will speak into the new iPhone and say “Call Steve at home.”, Steve answers on Facetime, and the crowd goes nuts.

    Don’t think that wil actually happen for several reasons, but it would be a crowd pleaser for sure.