You Will Be Able To Buy An iPhone 5 on Oct. 14 in U.S., U.K., France, Germany & Japan [Report]



Apple’s unveiling of the fifth-generation iPhone now looks certain to be held on October 4, but how long will we have to wait until we can actually get our own sweaty mitts on the device? According to once report, the much-anticipated iPhone 5 will arrive in the U.S., Japan, and some parts of Europe around the middle of next month.

Japanese website Macotakara reports that the ‘iPhone 5‘ — not the ‘iPhone 4S‘ — will launch in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, and Japan on October 14 — 10 days after Apple’s rumored unveiling. And there’s good reason to believe them.

Why? Firstly, Apple has blocked employee vacations for October 14 and October 15. Secondly, the CEO of Orange France, Stephane Richard, has also suggested a launch date of just a day later on October 15. And finally, and most importantly, Macotakara has been right before.

The site was the first to report back in March that Apple had still not aligned parts suppliers for the fifth-generation iPhone, and that the device wouldn’t be ready for its annual refresh in June. They then reported that the device would miss the company’s fiscal 2011 — which concludes at the end of this month — pushing the iPhone 5’s launch into October.

October 14 is a Friday, and wouldn’t be the first time Apple has launched an iPhone at the end of the week. Back in 2009, the company launched its iPhone 1, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS on Fridays in 2007, 2008 and 2009. The iPhone 4 is the only device that didn’t launch on a Friday — with its release falling on a Thursday in June of last year.

[via AppleInsider]

  • Montel

    These iPhone 5 rumors are ridiculous. 

  • dagamer34

    Then you’ll be glad when they’re over and it’s time for iPad 3 rumors. Will it or won’t it get a Retina display?!?!?! WE MUST KNOW!!!

    Thankfully for the iPhone 6, LTE should be a given and I doubt people really care that much more beyond that.

  • Ashley Joseph

    sounds about right

  • DudeLove

    why must people know? Why?  WHY?!?!?!?

    Dang buddy, slow down.  Relax.  
    Apple makes great products, but comments like these kinda perpetuate the fact that there are some foolish people out there who come off as really desperate for something that isn’t really that important, in the spectrum of things.

  • TannerBott

    i’d for once like to see the iPhone ship in canada with this first wave of countries to get the new iPhone, i mean hell were right across the boarder from the american’s 

  • Logan Yake

    I KNOW!!! it better be here really soon afterward. Ive been waiting since f**king 2009!!

  • HenryMcNinja

    I Hate that I live in australia and will have to wait till November >.<