Apple’s October 4 iPhone Event to Take Place at its Cupertino Headquarters [Report]



We’re already expecting this year’s iPhone event to be a little different to those that we’re familiar with. Not only will it take place in October, rather than June, but Tim Cook will take Steve Jobs’ place on stage, and the event won’t take place at the Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Instead, it will be held on Apple’s campus in Cupertino.

According to sources for AllThingsD, this year’s iPhone event will be held on Apple’s home turf — in its Town Hall Auditorium. The reason for this change is unknown, however, it is believed to be due to the difficulties the company has had in scheduling a date for its announcement. The report explains:

Why? That’s not entirely clear. Perhaps the release date was too much of a moving target to risk booking a large space like Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), which has hosted a number of big product unveils in the past. Perhaps, the company felt a more intimate venue was best for newly installed CEO Tim Cook’s first media event. Perhaps YBCA was simply already booked. Whatever the reason, the world will get it’s first look at the next iPhone at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium in early October.

Apple has used it own campus for media events in the past — most recently with its ‘Back to the Mac’ event last October. However, the company’s iPhone announcements have always been held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

If the reason behind this year’s change is indeed because the fifth-generation iPhone’s release date was too much of a “moving target,” then I struggle to believe the new device will simply be a slightly improved iPhone 4 lookalike. Why would Apple need all this time to stick an A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera in its iPhone 4?

[via MacRumors]

  • sajinseethi

    i agree with the last statement. It wouldn’t take Apple so long to fit an A4 and 8MP. This is definitely a new version.

  • Sqewie

    Plus, if they would release an iPhone 4 with different internals, why all the hassle. If it’s an iPhone 4S they could release via their website and not an event.

  • Anthony

    Or is it because they dont have much to announce, so they figured “we’ll just do it here”.

    I hope not!

  • Esme Yungao

    I hope that the jailbreak for iOS 5 will be not too long after it will be released…