Case Manufacturer Otterbox Says “Yes” To Both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, But Don’t Be Fooled


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A couple days ago, it leaked that reputable case manufacturer Otterbox had already made up to three million cases for the iPhone 4S. That number always seemed a little far fetched, but the pictures themselves didn’t like: Otterbox was banking on the next iPhone to be a relatively small update over the iPhone 4.

Today, Otterbox is in the news again, though, with a banner ad showing up on their official website implying we’ll see both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S next month. But what might seem like a knowing insider’s wink is, in actuality, something very different: a tease.

Speaking to TUAW, Otterbox says that they are “:not even quite sure [themselves]” whether Apple will release one iPhone model next month or two.

She explained that the ad reflected the current conversations going on in the blogosphere. “Like many, we are watching the rumor sites and using information to plan ahead as much as we can.” Otterbox promises support for whatever iPhone debuts, but they’re emphatically not stating or leaking anything further. “We do not have any confidentiality agreements with Apple,” Richardson told TUAW.

As for those iPhone 4S Otterbox packaging photos that leaked yesterday, she explained, “What was circulating yesterday was not a case image for the iPhone 4S but a packaging design.” Otterbox has not identified the source of the photos.

In other words, Otterbox hasn’t made 3 million iPhone 4S cases, they’re just designing packaging and trying to prepare themselves to have cases in consumer’s hands as quick as possible after Apple finally makes the next iPhone (or iPhones) official. And that banner above? Just a tease, saying they’re ready, no matter what.