Get Ready to Download iOS Beta 8 This Friday, Gold Master on Sept 23 [Rumor]



If you’ve been hanging around in Apple’s developer center since iTunes 5 beta 8 dropped last week, impatiently awaiting the release of iOS 5 beta 8, you might want to give yourself a break. According to a “trusted source,” the eighth beta of Apple’s next major iOS firmware will not drop until this Friday, with the Gold Master release scheduled for September 23.

Boy Genius Report cites a reliable source who has passed on some juicy details regarding Apple’s iOS 5 release schedule. According to the source, iOS 5 beta 8 will be available to download this Friday, September 16, with the Gold Master release scheduled to drop “on or around” September 23.

So when will we get it? Well, after carrier partners have received the GM release, they are expected to give “technical acceptance” by October 5. Providing there are no issues from the carriers, iOS 5 will finally be ready to push to iTunes.

Of course, those dates could change if problems arise with upcoming betas, but if they are accurate, we know the iPhone 5 won’t be launching before October 5.

  • CharliK

    Interesting. My trusted sources told me that the carriers are already testing and there is no beta 8. It is going from 7 to release. And that it could be out as early as tomorrow.

    We’ll see whose source is right soon enough

  • Jordan Clay

    Yeah…I hope that is a joke… It is a little too buggy to drop tomorrow. Plus iCloud is MILES away from anything.  We are going to see mac updates and iWork updates first

  • EmmaMitch5611616511


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  • Ojay

    Really!? Can we get a mod to delete this crap???

  • Mario Hennenberger

    iCloud works just perfect since the beta 7, but its very sad that here will be no iDisk feature anymore … 

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