Forget Apple, Google Wants to Buy Hulu



Hot on the heels of the rumor that Apple is considering the acquisition of TV/movie streaming and subscription service Hulu, it’s now being reported that Google has entered the potential buyer foray with a handsome bid to put the others to rest.

Currently, Amazon, Yahoo, and the Dish Network are eying Hulu for a potential buyout, and there’s always the possibility that Apple could step in at the last minute. As of right now, Google may be the one that gets to take Hulu home.

Other competitors have been rumored to offer Hulu for a $1.5-2 billion buyout. It’s unclear as to if Apple proposed an actual number to Hulu, or if the Cupertino company only expressed interest. All interested buyers have requested “the video site, its subscription service and the rights to exclusive content for at least two years.”

AllThingsD reports:

“Google seems to want something much more than that, and is willing to pay much more to get it. If you want to speculate, you could imagine Google asking for access to more content, for a longer period of time, and perhaps offering up a couple billion dollars more.

One big problem with the Google proposal: Hulu was created in large part as the TV networks’ response to YouTube, and their fear that Google would swallow up the Web video ecosystem.”

Interesting predicament. Will Apple be the one to swoop in and take the cake with its own subscription service?

  • Ali Husain

    Whats the use, buy it or not buy! We who don’t live in United States of America are flagged as aliens and thus are not allowed to access certain sites i.e Hulu!!

  • prof_peabody

    yeah, Hulu is crap anyway and outside of the US (most of the world) no one cares at all.  

  • Mitch McKee

    There goes free Hulu…

  • VotersRights

    Google owns Youtube, they should not be allowed to buy another large streaming service.

  • Alfiejr

    no way the medicos will ever sell Hulu to Google with long term rights. they hate Google. it’s their mortal enemy, and they know it. this ‘leak’ is a ploy to get the price up from …

  • Ziygo

    This article was likely intended and directed towards readers in the US who might find this interesting. Much like other articles are geared towards other countries interests.