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Analysis Of Early iPhone 5 Cases Point To A Device With A 4″ Screen



There has been a plethora of reports about leaked next generation iPhone parts that are allegedly for either an iPhone 4S or 5 model. Now we are seeing an equal number of rumors about iPhone 4S/5 case designs. Most of these new case designs probably started after an alleged next generation iPhone design document leaked earlier this summer. Indications are that case vendors are taking this leak seriously and producing cases based on the information they have received.

MacRumors previously commissioned a set of renderings trying to decide what the next iPhone will look like. Later they analyzed the existing third-party cases to help decide what that device might look like. The results they were left with are a bit puzzling.

Credit: MacRumors

MacRumors purchased several third-party iPhone 5 cases and completed a number of comparisons made between them and the current iPhone 4 and iPod touch. They took a lot of different measurements to consider the accuracy of the third-party cases and the device renderings they had commissioned. The result was inconclusive and a little puzzling, but it supports the possibility that the next iPhone will have a 4″ or slightly smaller display of 3.5″ to 3.7″.

I don’t think we’ll have to wait long for the truth since Apple is expected to reveal the next generation iPhone this month. It could launch on or around October 20th the alleged date that the current iOS 5 beta expires.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready and I’ve already got a case for it. I just hope it fits.

[Via MacRumors]