97% of Apple Employees Approved of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs with Mac retro

If you’re a regular visitor to Cult of Mac, you’ll already have some appreciation of how terrific Steve Jobs is. But do his employees share the same opinion of him as us fans?  Well, according to the employment reviews and rating site Glassdoor, 97% of them approved of him as CEO — making Steve one of the most successful CEOs among those rated on the site.

That’s pretty impressive when you think about it. How many jobs have you had in which you and the rest of your colleagues truly admired, respected and approved of your boss? I’m guessing your answer is ‘not many’.

To put that rating into perspective, let’s take a look at some other CEOs. Léo Apotheker of Hewlett-Packard, a company which recently dumped its personal computer business, only gets a 63% approval rating among his employees, whereas Amazon’s Jeff Bezos gets a respectable 84% approval rating from his employees.

Google’s co-founder and newly appointed CEO, Larry Page, enjoys an impressive 96% approval rating — just behind Steve — while Apple’s biggest rival, Microsoft, only rate their CEO, Steve Ballmer, at 46%.

Being Cult of Mac’s resident Brit, I was tucked up in bed when the news broke about Steve’s resignation yesterday, and so I didn’t get chance to weigh in with my thoughts on his decision to step down. Steve’s been a personal hero of mine since I first became obsessed with Apple back in 2000, and I’m sad that he’s giving up his role as CEO. We knew this day was looming for some time, but the news was still a surprise.

I’m confident Apple will do just fine without Steve at the helm, and I want to wish Tim Cook all the best in his new role. I also hope that Steve remains Apple’s chairman for many successful years to come, and that he takes a well deserved break.

[via The Next Web]

  • facebook-100000670318505

    only 97% tough crowd

  • MacRat

    The other 3% have been reported as missing by their families shortly after the survey.

  • JoViKe

    I hope he’s not too sick and can be around to give advice. Apple was his creation and his life. If they continue to follow his design method then they can’t go wrong.

  • netster

    Sob Sob… Sob Sob :( 

    I have to say Steve Jobs is very handsome! is that the photo of him above? look slightly like Tom Cruise :)

    Sob Sob :(

  • Mohammad Sadegh Farahat

    what a day :(

  • Marc Lindon Santos Lazaro

    Steve Jobs really done a Great Job ! After all of those “Ups and Downs” “struggles and challenges” Steve Stand Strong ! Apple really deserves at the Top #ThatsWhyILOVEAPPLE  

  • Nutz320

    “Google’s co-founder and newly appointed CEO, Larry Page, enjoys an impressive 96% approval rating”
    Probably because he’s new and hasn’t had a chance to piss them off yet. Steve has been CEO for years, in all that time, 97% still approve! Must have been hard to keep that going.